You Make Me Sick

That was the first thing I said to C this morning. He looked shocked and asked ‘What did I do?’. I told him ‘No, you literally make me sick. You gave me your cold or whatever it is.’ He was happy I wasn’t mad at him for anything but since he’s still sick knows how much this sucks, especially since Little Miss is getting sick too so she’s miserable as well as me. We’re just a big happy germy family at the moment it seems. This morning we’ve been taking turns doing the snorty breath thing you do to try and clear your sinuses. We sound like a gross symphony; high pitch is Little Miss with me in the middle range and C bringing up the bass tones.

I hate being sick like this. It’s enough that you’re super uncomfortable and it interrupts your day to day but not so much you’re so sick you don’t care. It’s especially hard since I can’t just hide under the covers and wait it out, babies negate that option, so I’m whining on here where if you don’t want to listen or read about you don’t have to. I’m tired, achy, I have boogers pouring out of my nose like Niagara Falls (you’re welcome for that imagery) and my head feels like there’s a little hung over construction worker going on a rampage inside my skull. If C is any indicator of length of time I’m going to be like this I might actually take to real life whining since he’s been sick for a week and just starting to improve.

Today my only mission is to keep Little Miss and myself as comfortable as possible and pick up more cold meds for me and saline drops for her and keeping us both hydrated. Wish us luck.


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