My Favourite Halloween Movies

I mentioned the other day I would several posts with a Halloween theme tied in and today is one of those. Of course as a chocoholic I loved Trick-or-Treating growing up. I didn’t care about the candy I got; only the chocolate. I also loved dressing up, I didn’t stick up just ‘girl’ friendly costumes either. I was a Devil one once and Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I went as a monster and a Zombie Bride with fake skin literally dripping off, I did go as a princess a few times and even a Spice Girl as well as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. My parents were great and very imaginative when my brothers and I were too young to choose for ourselves and even as we got older always encouraged out choices, Cam-Bam was Goliath from Gargoyles one year and my parents hand made that outfit… not easy. Dressing up was always my favourite part of Halloween itself but in the lead up to it I’ve always loved the TV specials and movies. I do for all holidays. Todays post is a list of some of my favourite Halloween season movies and shows.

My Favourite Halloween Themed Shows/Movies

1. That 70’s Show. The first season the cast had decided they were all too old to celebrate Halloween except for Fez, the new foreign exchange stupid, who had never experienced Halloween before. The group decide to go to their old elementary school that’s burnt down and see what they can find. It brings up horrors from their childhood. C and I are huge fans of the series, in fact we own the whole series on DVD, this is one of my favourite episodes; lots of laughs and over the top silliness.

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s ironic that this movie has become a huge cult classic since when it was released it was a theatrical flop in the greatest sense. Daddy remembers going to a horror movie themed drive-in night when it was first released and by the time the second song was finishing the line up to leave the drive-in was massive. No theatres are packed on Halloween with fans in full costume toting toast and various other objects to incorperate into their viewing experience. I love this movie and admit to singing along when its on. I love how flamboyant Tim Curry is, he suits the role so well.

3. Hocus Pocus. This movie came out in 1993 within weeks of Jurassic Park. During that movie I sat turned around trying to convince my Daddy that a 7yr old is fully capable of walking home alone in downtown Toronto  because I so badly didn’t want to watch it anymore. Weeks later Hocus Pocus was the next movie we saw and Cam-Bam who had been thrilled to watch dinosaurs rage on screen was the terrified one while I loved every minute of it. I LOVE Bette Midler, I even had a couple of her CD’s growing up. This is a movie I hope Little Miss will love as much as I do.

4. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. As far as I am concerned all the Charlie Brown specials are classics. I watched them all and loved them all. The series was always full of laughter and yet learned lessons as well. This special was one where children learn that plans aren’t always easy or fun and that just because you want something so badly doesn’t mean it will easily happen or happen at all, but that perseverance is important and something to hold onto.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas/The Corpse Bride. I’m putting these two together since Tim Burton was a driving force behind both movies. and they both are done in a similar stylization. The claymation in both movies is fantastic and the stories are given multiple dimensions by showing the viewoints of a couple characters. I have to admit that Corpse Bride drives me a little crazy with the love story between Victor and Victoria. I found that to me Victor and the Bride would have been a better couple in the long run when it came to personalities, the whole she’s dead thing was a problem but since he was willing to off himself it wasn’t insurmountable. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but I definitely have a thing for musicals and the songs on both of these movies are catchy and entertaining enough to keep me watching even when the story gets to an annoying part.


I know lots of people look for scary movies come the Halloween season but considering there are literally hundreds of movies out there that are all about creeping us out I find that in a time when tv is saturated with horror movies it’s nice to watch a few movies or shows that take halloween and add a fun or funny twist to it, and lets not forget the singing.


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