My Starting Point

This is Terra. I’ve known her since we were both in grade school and we’ve been great friends. Even now when we live so far apart and can sometimes for months without seeing eachother our friendship is going strong, we pick up exactly where we left off. As the post mentions she’s had a very rough year and is trying to pull herself back together. I’m very impressed and proud of what she’s doing and can’t wait to see how fast she’ll accomplish her goals because I know she will meet and probably exceed them.

Fit Girl On Top

This last year has been the hardest year of my life. I’ve had difficulties with my physical and mental health causing me to take medical leave from work and have a dramatic decrease in my fitness level and overall health. I have packed on a whopping 27lbs on my petite 5’2 frame just from taking medications. Watching my weight skyrocket while I was still exercising and eating well was a complete shock to me. How is it possible that medications which are supposed to help provide me with good health are making me unhealthy? As I stepped on the scale my weight had hit

over 141lbs and 30% body fat which had put me into the “overweight” category. EEEKKK!! This has been exceptionally hard for me as I am a fitness and health professional who has always been in shape…until now.

It is so difficult to suffer through medical problems…

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