9 Month Wellness Check Up

I know I’ve been bad and not doing full posts lately. In fact the post previous to this took all weekend because I irefuse to write while Little Miss is up and about and I also refuse to write when C is home and it would take away from our time together. Since it’s now Monday and C is at work and Little Miss is lying next to me conked out I figured I could pop off a bit of an update post on my phone. Also, yes my baby is lying asleep next to me in bed; she’s been gassy and not resting easily lately and if it helps her sleep I don’t mind lying next to her.

Last week I took Little Miss for a 9 month wellness check up. She didn’t need any booster shots but due to her complicated birth and illness so soon after as well as her small stature we go in more often to make sure everything is alright; though we did choose to get the flu shot while there.

At this check up it was mostly a talk about her habits and what we’ve been doing as well as milestones and any concerns. I told them that we delayed solids because she wasn’t ready and it was causing her and I stress and when we finally started how she went straight to finger foods. I was a bit worried about how they would react but the doctor needed his head and Saud his youngest was the same, so we did right not forcing the issue. We also talked about Little Miss’s sleep habits and arrangements and how both C and I felt/were dealing with them.

It was interesting to talk to a male in the medical profession who was so pro attachment style parenting. In my experience most men are not for it so much as their partner has chosen to do it. C and I don’t practice any set parenting method really, we just go with what feels best and most comfortable for us as a family, but it was nice to not have a doctor raise their eyebrows over some if our choices. The doctor was even giving me some tips on things to try a little further down the road.

After chatting about development next came measuring her growth and checking Little Miss for any physical concerns. I’m happy to say she weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz and was 27.5 inches long(tall?). I know she’s on the light side but she’s stayed on a healthy growth pattern for her. The doctor showed next Germany chart and said since she was breast fed its natural for Little Miss to be less pudgy than a formula fed baby and as long as she’s still growing to not worry over much. He said she’s just a petite baby.

Next up was needle time. We both were getting the flu shot so it was decided I would have mine first and then she would get hers in case it set her off into fits of crying or shouting. Baby didn’t even flinch. She even gave the doctor a smile a moment later as I bundled her up and out the door. She has to go back 4 weeks later to get a second dose and I’m hoping she’ll take it just as well. She was fantastic throughout the whole visit, not a single tear or meltdown and we had to wait an extra hour because the office was behind and short staffed that day. The staff couldn’t believe how well behaved she was and how overall bubbly she is.


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