Movies I Can’t Wait To Watch With Little Miss As She Grows

Right now Little Miss has no interest in anything on tv unless it’s singing. I could literally turn on the most graphic show/movie you could find and she wouldn’t even glance at the screen unless the characters broke out into song. It’s doesn’t hold any allure to her. I know this will most likely change in the next year or so but for now it’s pretty great. I can turn the tv to my favourite radio show in the morning and she lights up hearing the songs and the hosts manical laughter. We listen to 92.5 Kiss fm here in Toronto in the mornings. I don’t plan on being too strict about television watching but I do plan on making sure she has an appreciation of other activities at home as well, but in saying that there are a few movies I can’t wait to watch with her as she gets older. Some of these are still favourites of mine and some have danced in and out of favour with me over the years but all are ones where I want to be there to watch her face fill with wonder and awe or see the smile/giggles escape as she enjoys herself.

Movies I Can’t Wait To Watch With Little Miss As She Grows

1. The Little Mermaid/The Beauty And The Beast – I to this day love theses movie. I can sing entire songs from memory from The Little Mermaid(Being a nanny had some major perks in that area). Ariel was the first princess as far as I’m concerned who did sit around and wait for her prince to rescue her. Eric still had to save her in the end but up until then Ariel went out of her way to strike out on her own and take her life into her own hands. I know the story does not follow the original and I know it’s not perfect but the music is catchy and I think Ursula is an awesome villian.

With Beauty and the Beast again I like that Belle isn’t a super sissy who sits around waiting for love to find her. She’s curious and loves to read (go figure I like that trait) and willing to stand up for herself and those she cares about. Again the songs are great and the artwork is gorgeous. I like that unlike so many of the previous villians in princess movies with the execption of Cinderella’s stepmother Gaston has no magic. He is just selfish and cares nothing for anyone else’s opinions or feelings. Again, I know the story for modern times makes it appear that Belle has Stockholm, but considering I fully plan on having Little Miss aware of the orignal stories and their original meanings I don’t care.

I also don’t care if people think I’m princessizing my daughter just based on the majority of this list because C and I know we aren’t.

2. The Labyrinth – I LOVE this movie. It came out the year I was born and I can’t even remember the first time I saw it but I know this movie backwards and forewards. I love David Bowie and I love the music and songs. I love the puppets and although I still find Sarah whiny I like the story and know that she’s supposed to be a self-involved teenager, she does it well. I hope to be able to dress Little Miss up as Toby next year.

3. Star Wars – The original 4-6. I’ve already to our friends and family to not talk about the whole Darth Vader being Luke’s father thing in front of Little Miss because C and I want to be able to see her face the first time she watches the movies and hears Vader tell Luke the truth. A silly thing but still since they are some of his favourite movies it’s a nice hope to have I think.

4. Grease – This was the first musical I remember seeing. Yes, I know some of the innuendo is mature for a child but it’s innuendo for a reason; if you don’t understand the double meanings and gestures it has no effect. Also, John Travolta was my first movie star crush, I can remember being 4/5 and telling my parents I was going to marry him. His life is a hot mess now but back then and in a childs eyes none of that matters. It’s also another movie where there’s lots of singing and dancing and a Happily Ever After implied.

5. Lilo and Stitch – Elvis, Hawaii, Aliens and a nice story of family and acceptance. Sounds like the making of a good movie to me. My parents raised me weird. They would listen to oldies at home and in the car and tell my brothers and I that it was the ‘in’ music at the time. We grew up listening to Elvis, ABBA and Meatloaf, ect… I like that style of music to this day so a movie with alarge number of Elvis hits is alright by me, especially when the story is about sticking by your family (blood related or chosen) and accepting them for who they are imperfections and all.

6. Mulan – Yes, another Disney ‘Princess’ movie. Mulan is not just a typical princess is the form of the original 3 (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) She’s not even technically a Princess. Mulan is a one of the oldest stories that supports gender equality in Chinese culture and has been very popular for centuries. The movie is not accurate to the original in the same way all other Disney movies differ from the original but it’s fun and again about protecting your family and your sense of who you are. It’s a movie that shows little girls they don’t NEED a man/prince to rescue them or give them value as a person, just belief in themselves.

There are more and I could happily name a bunch off easily but since they range all over the place in maturity I figure they don’t count since at the moment I’m more talking about movies Little Miss can watch as a little girl.


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