Fitness Update

Back in August I wrote about deciding to work on getting back into shape.I’ll be honest and say it fell to the side my scope of importance as things around here changed and Little Miss decided to stand with assistance and no assistance, jump from bottles to people food skipping over baby food entirely and learning to furniture walk. All of this kept me busy chasing her and not up to working out really. I still managed to get in lots of walking and light modified weight lifting for my arms (a 2 story walk-up/down with a baby and stroller is not easy especially when you add groceries), but in the last 2 weeks I’ve slowly started up again.

I’ve decided to take it a bit more seriously than before and have created a circle of fitness around me so that if I fall off track on one side there are two other support systems in place. I don’t want to jinx myself yet since I’m so fresh into my new set up but can say that I’m getting help on one level from . Terra is one of my oldest and best friends. Obviously if you’ve seen her blog you’ll see she’s a fitness trainer and on her own fitness mission after a year of setbacks and illness. Since she does personal fitness for a living her goals at the moment are more intense than mine are but having a girlfriend with a similar mission who is a bit of an expert (as well as her fiance who creates healthy meal plans for people with a fitness goal) makes it easier to set personal goals and dietary plans. Anytime I’ve had a question I can call or text her for advice and if I’m feeling low or guilty about chowing down on a chocolate bar or two I can talk to her and Terra helps make it seem less terrible.

I’ve also started going to the gym more regularly. It’s still early days as I mentioned before but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to keep it up. During the day while C is at work I’ve decided to go at least 2x in the mornings when the JCC has their Babysitting room available. Little Miss enjoys interacting with other babies and playing with them as well as seeing Latoya (the girl who runs it) since she’s become familiar with her leaving me mostly guilt free to spend an hour at the gym each time to choose a non group activity like the elliptical or swimming laps in the pool. C and I talked and he’s agreed to watching Little Miss a night or two during the week after dinner to let me go back to the gym for a group workout. This week I hope to try a spin class and Zumba. Until I find which classes I enjoy most and are most suited to my fitness style I’ll jump around to a couple of yoga styled classes as well as a Gravity class.

I’m also setting easy healthier eating goals for the month and if I succeed I’ll add on to them by stepping them up a level. This month even C is going to try doing a few of them as well. We’re going to completely stop drinking pop during the week and limit ourselves to one 2 litre bottle if possible on weekends. I’ve also decided to make sure we have salad with dinner 3-4x a week and on the nights we don’t to make sure there’s some other sort of veggie on the plate as well. After this week I also want to cut back my coffee drinking to only on weekends and go from a double-double to milk and one sugar. The next one isn’t a long term goal but I really want to try making quinoa instead of rice at least once or twice this month to see how it tastes and if we could possibly start using it instead of rice occasionally. I also am going to try (try I said) to only eat chocolate on weekends and if I feel like I absolutley must have some during the week to only eat 2/5th of a bar and give away or save the other bit until the weekend. Honestly, I think the coffee and chocolate goals will be the hardest because I LOVE both so much. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t drink coffee, I started as soon as I was old enough to filch my mother’s coffee cup off of the table and as the years have gone on increased my habit. Chocolate is the same; I was the kid at Halloween who didn’t care about how much candy I got and if my brothers stole it, I just wanted my chocolate bars.

We’ll see how the rest of the month goes and if I’m able to do all of thses things. I’m realistic and know I probably will not succeed in all of my goals but I’m trying to be optimistic and hope I’ll be able to do at least 80%.



One thought on “Fitness Update

  1. YAY! I’m so proud of you for setting some solid goals! The best thing to do is start with small goals, master them and then set new goals. I will talk to Trevor about getting you on a weight loss meal plan ;-p. And ps. there is lots of dark chocolate on the plan. I have an amazing protein fudge ball recipe you are going to love! Once you adapt to using the gym and are comfortable with cardio, I’ll design you a resistance training program. I am glad you are starting these changes now because you will be able to influence little miss to also live a healthy lifestyle. High five to good friends, strong support and chocolate!! hahaha xoxox

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