Patient Zero and Chipping Teeth

So this is post number 2 today and it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Why? Well, the morning after I last posted Little Miss became Patient Zero in a mini outbreak of yuck involving family and friends.

Literally no one I knew has been sick in the last week and Little Miss wakes up with the ‘I’m gonna Yuck All Over Mommy And Daddy From BOTH Ends’ kind of sick. It was awesome… NOT. Finally she starts to feel better and I get sick. It was so bad for me I actually had to call C and ask him to come home because I was feeling so gross I didn’t want to risk trying to run to the toilet while the baby was up somewhere above floor level. It got to the point I cleared out a chunk of her room of everything but toys and teddies and then lay on the floor by her blocking all routes of escape. I just lay on the floor keeping her corralled and letting her use me as a jungle gym, it was the easiest way to keep her happy and me  flat on my back (mostly).

Lo and behold I got better and that Saturday was Little Miss’s cousins birthday party. An hour before we had to leave poor C got the yucks. He didn’t even make to the bathroom (EWWW). C was so sick he stayed home and Little Miss and I made the trip to the party ourselves leaving Daddy to fend for himself. The next day Little Miss and I went out to lunch with my Mom and Chaz. Patient Zero struck again when Chaz got sick and I can’t say for sure it was Little Miss who caused it but I know her cousin ended up with a case of the yucks as well last week. Poor everyone. It was not fun, it was messy and it was very inconvient for everyone who got sick or had to deal with it.

On top of getting sick Little Miss also managed to chip her front teeth. One of them is no concern but the other she took off a noticeable line across the whole tooth. She was holding onto the coffee table and dance/bouncing along to music when she bopped her head down at the wrong time and both C and I heard the click and then the shriek. Tomorrow I am taking her to our dentiest office to see if they think she needs to see a Pediactric Dentist since our office doesn’t really see babies (they take patients staring at 3 yrs) and Little Miss has already seen them once before making her their youngest official client already. I know most people might think I’m worrying overmuch about nothing but since Chan-Man had to have oral surgery when he was 4 for his teeth I think I’d rather be told I’m being paranoid than not do anything until it’s too late. We’ll see I guess.



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