Explaining My Short Terms And Other Quirks

Obviously most people on here don’t use given names either for themselves or their family/friends. I won’t use people’s names either but mine unless I’ve been given permission expressly. So, this is where I’ll explain my different short terms for people.

1. ‘C’ is my man, my rock, my other half, whatever you want to call him. We’ve been together since September 2007 and hopefully will be for many more years to come.

2. Little Miss is my daughter. Currently she’s a very little miss; weighing in at almost 19 lbs and 15 months. She’s middle of the road height wise but a skinny little bug apparently. She now runs and is a pro stair climber, although she’s having issues going down since she wants to walk down the steps like adults do. She has 11 teeth and loves eating anything and everything; she hasn’t come across a food she won’t eat no matter the seasoning or ethnicity, she only doesn’t like very spicy foods.

3. Bestie is nonsubtley my best friend. I’ve literally known her since I was 6 months old and she a week. We’ve been going strong ever since. We sort of have our own language at times and it might leech over into this blog so look out for single letters in a sentence that make little to no sense and shortened words.

4. Jay and Jor are Bestie’s kids. Jor is an 8 yr old very active little boy and Jay is a 18 month old little couch climbing girl.

5. Les was my former boss when I was a nanny and still very good friend. Con-man, Z and Roni are her 3 kids.

6. ‘S’ or Sassy is a close girl friend I met through work and who is sometimes scarily similar to me, expect Muslim.

7. Cam Bam is the older of my two brothers and Chan Man is the younger.

8. Mama is my mom and Daddy Bear is my dad.

9. Chaz is my Mama’s best friend whom we’ve known for the last 20 years and who looks scarily like my Mama to the point that her mother and my grandfather have sworn they’d never met or done the dirty way back when. It’s just a genetic fluke.

10. 3X Mama is my step-mother, a cooler step mother I couldn’t have asked for.

11. The Groom is 3x Mama’s oldest son who married this past August.

12. Sub is her middle son. He’s a substitute teacher and oddly enough as a very similar sense of humour to Chan-Man and I. He is gay and proud, in case I mention anything about it.

13. Kicker is her youngest son. He’s a soccer player, thus his name.

As of August 1st I will no longer be putting any regular photos of Little Miss, only the Cartoonized ones or non full face one. ‘C’ feels that since she is so pretty someone might try to steal her away LoL, he’s so sweet and a paranoid Daddy already.

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