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No Longer A Baby


Little Miss is no longer a baby. She’s offically a toddler now. Its both thrilling and heartbreaking to me. So much has changed since C and I brought her home as a tiny new born who was 100% dependant on us to keep her safe, happy and whole.

The journey Little Miss and I took to get her out safely was a long and often scary road. I had contractions at 20 weeks and then a placental abruption at 26, causing a week long stay at Sunnybrook Hospital in the high risk unit until we were stablized.  Once i was released i was on modified bedrest until my water broke at 36 weeks. Even my labour was unusual.

My water broke and there were no contractions for another 4 hrs, then they went from 20 minutes to 2 minutes apart in an hr. I had always told myself when I went into labour I wanted everything to quickly and would use mind over matter to ensure it happened. Didn’t work. Little Miss went into fetal distress and we ended up having an emergency C-section. It was not an easy time for our family. Even the first few weeks post birth were rough with serious medical issues.

When I look back on it all would I change anything? No, because every single one of those moments good or bad have helped shape who Little Miss is as a person and our relationship with her. I wish things had been more easy but not at the risk our family wouldn’t be where it is today.

Every new accomplishment is exciting and something we look forward to witnessing. Even the simple little things like figuring out to push a button a particular way if fascinating to me. Terrifying as well at time but fascinating too. A perfect example of this mixture or awe and fear would be the stairs. Little Miss is a stair climbing pro now and has decided this means she wants to learn how to descend them as well, not on her bum but standing like we do.

I can only imagine what the next year or 5 years or even 10 years wilk bring (probably a lot of grey hairs) but I can wait to see where it all takes us. This is the most important journey we’re taking in our lives; raising a child, and I’m so honoured and proud to have Little Miss as my daughter.

I’m Back

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks, I know. Sorry. Things just kept popping up and as one of my last few posts mentioned C and I were hit with a family issue. I’m back now and I’ll give a bit of an update.

I last posted before Christmas and this one was a first for Little Miss. With both families scattered about Ontario we ended up doing two Christmas’ here in the GTA and have yet to do one with my Dad and Co. up in the Ottawa region. Little Miss was thrilled to bits with all of her toys and loved being able to rip and tear the wrapping paper. She had no idea what was really going on but seeing family and getting new things to goober on and play with made her very happy. C and I promised we’d do a very low key holiday together this year and not do presents… we failed.  I got a matching ring and earring set and he got a new PS3. This year maybe we’ll be able to stick to our guns better.

Usually, New years is an evening of laughter, happiness, friends and a couple drinks. This year I had to work overnight so C and I had no real plans for the evening. In the couple of hours before I had to head out our fridge died. Full on died. Our super is dealing with a terribly high risk pregnancy and all the complications that arise due to them and wasn’t able to come until the 2nd. We didn’t get a new fridge until the 4th. It wasn’t awful, we had enough in our cupboards to get by and ordered out a bit but the cost of the situation stunk. $250. Yes, $250 is the estimated value of the food that was lost due to the death of our fridge. Ay any time of year that’s a crappy number but just after Christmas? Extra crappy. We’re still slowly replacing everything.

At the same time as the fridge died C developed some very painful gums. Upon a visit to the dentist after several days with no relief we discovered her needed a round of antibiotics to clear away an infection and then 2 teeth extracted. it was supposed to be an easy extraction until a root snapped and they literally had to dig it out. Simple became VERY complicated (the dentists words). C had refused the gas and was only using the needles so he was completely aware of what was happening. He also now needed much more powerful pain meds meaning he would be unable to take care of Little Miss. Unfortunately I had to work so we had a bit of a shuffle finding ulternative options. C ended up going to his Mothers for the night where someone could look in on him and make sure he took his meds and Little Miss ended up at Bestie’s while I was at work. My work at the taxi company is only Thurs-Sat and I work evenings keeping Little Miss out of daycare. This meant I wasn’t done until 2am. Luckily Bestie is only 20 mins away from my work so afterwards I went to her house and Little Miss and I had our first full non family overnighter. Little Miss did fantastically. She was very well behaved and loved spending all that time with Jay playing and perfecting her walking/running.

Since my last post I’ve also started a new job. I’m no longer a former nanny anymore. I’m back to being a nanny. At the moment it’s only part time since Minnie Mouse (Babie’s code name on here) is not yet 4 months old. Eventually it will all go full time as Mama D transititons back to full time work but for now we’re taking it easy. One of the happy benefits of this situation is the Little Miss gets to come along with me, meaning we still don’t need to worry about childcare for her yet. It also give Minnie someone to watch and see who’se similar in age which has been proven to help encourage littles to move forward in their milestone achievements. Little Miss also LOVES other babies and children. So far all of their encounters involve Little Miss petting her and trying to give Minnie toys or share her soother. It’s handy for both Little Miss and Minnie being together. Being in a house with 3 different full flights of stairs is a new developement for us as well. Little Miss is now a champion stair climber. It’s quite scary really since it keeps me on my toes ready to catch her and chase her down but I’m so impressed with how far she’s come.

This week Little Miss turns 1. It’s almost been a full year since that beautiful ball of smiles and energy burst into our lives in a such a dramatic way and I wouldn’t change a second of any of it. Every moment leading up to her birth and since are part of what makes our family so strong and compelete. We had her first party to celebrate this first year yesterday, yes it was party number 1 of 2. This one was for Little Miss to get together with all of her little friends and cause chaos in a safe enviornment. This coming weekend will be her family party where both families get together to celebrate. I forgot how busy a childs birthday party can be. Every single little girl was into anything and everything they could get their hands on. It was crazy and wonderful.

Now that I’m back up and things are less hectic around here I’ll be back to my at least once a week posting. Sorry I’ve been gone so long and a belated Happy New Years!

Patient Zero and Chipping Teeth

So this is post number 2 today and it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Why? Well, the morning after I last posted Little Miss became Patient Zero in a mini outbreak of yuck involving family and friends.

Literally no one I knew has been sick in the last week and Little Miss wakes up with the ‘I’m gonna Yuck All Over Mommy And Daddy From BOTH Ends’ kind of sick. It was awesome… NOT. Finally she starts to feel better and I get sick. It was so bad for me I actually had to call C and ask him to come home because I was feeling so gross I didn’t want to risk trying to run to the toilet while the baby was up somewhere above floor level. It got to the point I cleared out a chunk of her room of everything but toys and teddies and then lay on the floor by her blocking all routes of escape. I just lay on the floor keeping her corralled and letting her use me as a jungle gym, it was the easiest way to keep her happy and me  flat on my back (mostly).

Lo and behold I got better and that Saturday was Little Miss’s cousins birthday party. An hour before we had to leave poor C got the yucks. He didn’t even make to the bathroom (EWWW). C was so sick he stayed home and Little Miss and I made the trip to the party ourselves leaving Daddy to fend for himself. The next day Little Miss and I went out to lunch with my Mom and Chaz. Patient Zero struck again when Chaz got sick and I can’t say for sure it was Little Miss who caused it but I know her cousin ended up with a case of the yucks as well last week. Poor everyone. It was not fun, it was messy and it was very inconvient for everyone who got sick or had to deal with it.

On top of getting sick Little Miss also managed to chip her front teeth. One of them is no concern but the other she took off a noticeable line across the whole tooth. She was holding onto the coffee table and dance/bouncing along to music when she bopped her head down at the wrong time and both C and I heard the click and then the shriek. Tomorrow I am taking her to our dentiest office to see if they think she needs to see a Pediactric Dentist since our office doesn’t really see babies (they take patients staring at 3 yrs) and Little Miss has already seen them once before making her their youngest official client already. I know most people might think I’m worrying overmuch about nothing but since Chan-Man had to have oral surgery when he was 4 for his teeth I think I’d rather be told I’m being paranoid than not do anything until it’s too late. We’ll see I guess.


Halloween Costume Birthday Party

Yesterday was a girlfriends daughters 4th birthday. Since it’s so close to Halloween and the majority of the children going were around 4 and up the theme was costumes, any costume you wanted you could wear. I was unsure originally if we would be able to go because this past week Little Miss managed to give herself a minor concussion and things had been fairly rough for her with the headaches and fussies. Happily Little Miss was up and about and feeling good yesterday so we were able to dress her up and go to the party.

Little Miss wasn’t the only baby/toddler at the party. Jay was there dressed in a Tinker Bell costume and another friend (Ti) had her daughter dressed as Sleeping Beauty, it even lit up along the skirt,and her son as Scooby Doo. Little Miss was dressed as Cinderella and Besties son Jor was an army ranger. Cas, the birthday girl, was a pink cowgirl and there was a little witch and even the odd parent dressed up. Ti’s fiance even dressed up as a baby for a bit of it.

Keeping a room full of babies, toddlers and little kids entertained is not easy. Games are too mature for the littlest in the bunch and due to all the other kids bopping around toys don’t help in keeping the littlest distracted for long. The older kids did get to play hot potatoe and musical chairs as well as getting to paint giant pictures. It was fun to watch Little Miss’s fascination with the other children. She loves babies and other kids so for her yesterday was a blast.

Ti’s mother makes cakes and for thwarted birthday made an absolutely delicious strawberry shortcake one for the party. It looked as if it was for a bakery. Little Miss even had a few bites of cake only after I had scooped of the whipped icing. The kids got pizza to eat beforehand as well as chocolates and chips to snack on.

Unfortunately Little Miss and I had to leave a bit early to catch our bus home so we didn’t get to see all over the presents opened but Cas definitely got a good haul of a variety of toys, not just Barbies and Bratz. In fact, one of her gifts was a fish tank with hermit crabs which absolutley thrilled her.

I always feel a twinge of sadness for kids whose birthdays happen to fall on or almost on big holidays and celebration days. It seems that so often the birthday ends up eclipsed by all the rest going on.
Vi did a great job of making sure the party was fun and incorporated Halloween into it well so that people didn’t feel as if it was an extra effort. It also was nice for the kids to have a reason to wear their costumes before the big day.






Happy Birthday (to me)

It’s almost my birthday. At 5:32 am on September 19th, 1986 I came bursting into the world. It’s been a crazy 26 years and I’m greatful for every one of them and all the memories I’ve accumulated over those years. There have been very low moments and sky high ones, there have been moments of great anger and frustration as well as joy and exhilaration. I’ve made some bad decisions and some good ones and all of them I have learned from, no regrets only lessons.

This is my first birthday as a mother and it seems so very different; or maybe I’m so very different now. Things that used to seem like such a big deal no longer matter and things that didn’t matter now take on new meaning. Little Miss might be too young to remember this year flying by but C and I will and the first birthday as a parent seems like a big deal for us. It’s a definable moment in our lives directions and who we’re becoming as people.

Tomorrow we won’t be doing anything special, but the day will still be special to me and those I love. So, I’m wishing myself a Happy Birthday! and also a Happy Internation Talk Like A Pirate Day too. LoL.

My Forth Birthday

Playing Catch Up

A very busy last week or so. Little Miss made a few huge leaps developementally and her newest cousin (through some familial jumping) was born. I also started the next phase in my fitness plan. Little Miss and I did a mini disappearing act around the house this past weekend and did a lot of visiting and wondering in downtown Toronto.

Little Miss has been crawling for just over a month now and a few weeks ago got her first tooth. It was her upper left side tooth and a few days later the corresponding right side tooth barely broke through the gums only to go back up into hiding. Now it’s just under the surface clearly visable but not yet ready to come out. I imagine that she’ll look like a mini vampire when it stops being so shy. This past weekend she also turned 7 months. The leaps Little Miss accomplished were all in the last week and pretty impressive when I know that just a day or two before she mastered them she needed quite a bit of support. Little Miss can now sit up on her own, she can go from lying on her back to crawling to sitting or in the reverse all without assistance.  She’s even started leaning back on her knees trying to get up along the couches. I’m very very very proud and happy and impressed but also surprised about how quickly it seems that she’s coming along at times. She also is now no longer the youngest baby in the family as her little cousin (once removed) was born last week.

So in a previous post I wrote about finally starting to actively get back in shape and to be honest I didn’t do it every day like I had hoped. Chasing a crawler just didn’t always make it workable. I still have been doing it though and this week I added a new element, the gym. My gym costs a bit more per month then others around us but with all the classes and extras it’s worth it. Until Little Miss turns 6 as long as I have a membership she gets free access to their facilities and priority in classes, like her swimming lessons. To me that’s great, they also offer a baby sitting service during the day. It’s not a drop off centre by any means, you have to stay in the building and book ahead to make sure they have available space. They only take 3 children at the most and non older then 3 in the room Little Miss goes to. I have been scoping the place out for a bit and even after I started taking her to them before her swimming lessons I would stay in the room or be just down the hall. I never book for onger then an hour and usually if I have left it’s been to go to the coffee shop and get a coffee before coming right back. I have been talking with ‘Lala’ since early July and have a pretty good idea of who she is when it comes to children, I’ve seen how the toddlers run to her in excitement when they get to the room and it definitely helps with any anxious feelings I’ve had. This week I left Little Miss in the baby sitting room while I went to the gym. I’m not jumping into anything extreme but I have to start somewhere and so far feel like this is a good start, it helps that I can go during the day without having to wait for ‘C’ to get home.

Last Thursday ‘C’s brother came over for the night so they could have man time and he could see Little Miss, when ‘C’ woke up he did not feel good. He was sick and ended up coming home early Friday. Little Miss and I had gone over to Bestie’sto visit and another girl friend came over with her 4 month old as well. We all ended up spending the day in the shade playing with or watching the babies play together or stare eachother down. ‘C’ doesn’t get sick often but when he does it’s pretty bad. Saturday was worse then Friday, he was feverish and had body aches all over. I took Little Miss backk out for the day to Bestie’s where we had a birthday party to go to and kept her over there until close to bed time. I feel bad when ‘C’ is sick but since the RSV and all the complications and Little Miss’s heightened susceptibility to even a common cold needing medical intervention I wasn’t going to stay home and risk exposing her to his germs. I was mean and made him fend for himself. Even on Sunday when he was a little better then Saturday, but being mostly dead is an improvement from dead so I still kept her away.

Tuesday evening Sassy (previously ‘S’) and I went to a concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. We saw Kelly Clarkson and The Fray. I love pop music, it’s happy and bouncy for the most part and something I feel guilt free listening to in front of Little Miss. Sassy has had a rough year, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know she lost her son at 23 weeks after he was born early and survived for only 12 minutes. Then on top of that her relationship with the father fell apart and he’s since then started harassing her. She needed a night out and Kelly Clarkson is really pretty great for those ‘You’re better off without him’ type songs. The show start at 7 on the dot and didn’t end until 11. It was a late night but very fun. We got to sing along to most of the songs and all the artists were very interactive witht he crowd; coming into the audience to sing and shake hands.  The fact that we got I.D’d 4 times was also pretty awesome, always is flattering I think.

Little Miss has been teething lately, I think on her lower jaw this time. She’s showing all the usual signs as well as whenever she’s able she’s been dropping her chin onto any surface she can and sort of grinding her gums together. Then this morning she woke up sick. ‘C’s germs proved strong enough to still get to her. She’s coughing with a bit of a phlegmy wheeze to it and had a little faucet nose. She’s not impressed. Last night she couldn’t get comfortabel unless she was lying on one of us. It made for a long night trying to cat nap with a wiggly sick baby on my chest, I’m just glad we have the baby rail up so when I managed to lay her down I didn’t roll off the bed.