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My First Pregnancy Craving

I’ve finally had my first pregnancy craving. I don’t mean this pregnancy either, I mean ever. When I was pregnant with Little Miss I had no cravings and uo until this week I’d had none this time around as well. That’s all changed.

On Tuesday Little Miss and I were visiting Bestie for the day when we all crawled into her bed for a group nap. Normally Little Miss would borrow Jays crib but last month she was moved to a big girl bed so Missy came with us. Both Bestie and Little Miss were out and I’d just fallen asleep when I had my craving epiphany. It came to me fully formed, the craving and the way to execute its creation. I wanted French Toast S’mores.

What is a french toast s’more you’re wondering? Let me show you.


This was what I was craving. This is how I did it.

1. Take 2 slices of bread and smear Nutella on the up facing sid of each.

2. Take 3 large marshmallows and slice them into 3 slices.

3. Place the marshmallow on one slice of Nutella bread and close the other slice over it forming a sandwich.


4. In a flat bottomed bowl combine 1 egg, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 1/2 tbs milk.

5. Place the sandwich in the egg mixture for 10 seconds and flip for a total of each slice resting in the mixture twice.

6. Place in buttered pan on low/medium until golden brown and the marshmallow is melted.


I ate this without any syrup or toppings and have to say it was very tasty. I plan on having it again but have decided to limit myself to no more than one a week.

I’m Back

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks, I know. Sorry. Things just kept popping up and as one of my last few posts mentioned C and I were hit with a family issue. I’m back now and I’ll give a bit of an update.

I last posted before Christmas and this one was a first for Little Miss. With both families scattered about Ontario we ended up doing two Christmas’ here in the GTA and have yet to do one with my Dad and Co. up in the Ottawa region. Little Miss was thrilled to bits with all of her toys and loved being able to rip and tear the wrapping paper. She had no idea what was really going on but seeing family and getting new things to goober on and play with made her very happy. C and I promised we’d do a very low key holiday together this year and not do presents… we failed.  I got a matching ring and earring set and he got a new PS3. This year maybe we’ll be able to stick to our guns better.

Usually, New years is an evening of laughter, happiness, friends and a couple drinks. This year I had to work overnight so C and I had no real plans for the evening. In the couple of hours before I had to head out our fridge died. Full on died. Our super is dealing with a terribly high risk pregnancy and all the complications that arise due to them and wasn’t able to come until the 2nd. We didn’t get a new fridge until the 4th. It wasn’t awful, we had enough in our cupboards to get by and ordered out a bit but the cost of the situation stunk. $250. Yes, $250 is the estimated value of the food that was lost due to the death of our fridge. Ay any time of year that’s a crappy number but just after Christmas? Extra crappy. We’re still slowly replacing everything.

At the same time as the fridge died C developed some very painful gums. Upon a visit to the dentist after several days with no relief we discovered her needed a round of antibiotics to clear away an infection and then 2 teeth extracted. it was supposed to be an easy extraction until a root snapped and they literally had to dig it out. Simple became VERY complicated (the dentists words). C had refused the gas and was only using the needles so he was completely aware of what was happening. He also now needed much more powerful pain meds meaning he would be unable to take care of Little Miss. Unfortunately I had to work so we had a bit of a shuffle finding ulternative options. C ended up going to his Mothers for the night where someone could look in on him and make sure he took his meds and Little Miss ended up at Bestie’s while I was at work. My work at the taxi company is only Thurs-Sat and I work evenings keeping Little Miss out of daycare. This meant I wasn’t done until 2am. Luckily Bestie is only 20 mins away from my work so afterwards I went to her house and Little Miss and I had our first full non family overnighter. Little Miss did fantastically. She was very well behaved and loved spending all that time with Jay playing and perfecting her walking/running.

Since my last post I’ve also started a new job. I’m no longer a former nanny anymore. I’m back to being a nanny. At the moment it’s only part time since Minnie Mouse (Babie’s code name on here) is not yet 4 months old. Eventually it will all go full time as Mama D transititons back to full time work but for now we’re taking it easy. One of the happy benefits of this situation is the Little Miss gets to come along with me, meaning we still don’t need to worry about childcare for her yet. It also give Minnie someone to watch and see who’se similar in age which has been proven to help encourage littles to move forward in their milestone achievements. Little Miss also LOVES other babies and children. So far all of their encounters involve Little Miss petting her and trying to give Minnie toys or share her soother. It’s handy for both Little Miss and Minnie being together. Being in a house with 3 different full flights of stairs is a new developement for us as well. Little Miss is now a champion stair climber. It’s quite scary really since it keeps me on my toes ready to catch her and chase her down but I’m so impressed with how far she’s come.

This week Little Miss turns 1. It’s almost been a full year since that beautiful ball of smiles and energy burst into our lives in a such a dramatic way and I wouldn’t change a second of any of it. Every moment leading up to her birth and since are part of what makes our family so strong and compelete. We had her first party to celebrate this first year yesterday, yes it was party number 1 of 2. This one was for Little Miss to get together with all of her little friends and cause chaos in a safe enviornment. This coming weekend will be her family party where both families get together to celebrate. I forgot how busy a childs birthday party can be. Every single little girl was into anything and everything they could get their hands on. It was crazy and wonderful.

Now that I’m back up and things are less hectic around here I’ll be back to my at least once a week posting. Sorry I’ve been gone so long and a belated Happy New Years!

Pizza And Playtime

Lots of little things went on this past week, luckily no more medical visits due to Little Miss and her utter lacko of fear of the world around her.

Everyone on the east coast obviously was aware of Hurricane Sandy and since last Monday the devastation left in her wake, even here in Toronto there were some problems but nothing like what New York and New Jersey are going through. We had a little bit of an issue in our building from storm damage but it was fixed by Halloween. A huge old tree crashed across three yards and the top landed across our drive way blocking access for river’s but also totally blocking in our fire escape door. The oddest part if the tree was easily 100+ ears old and huge but did not come from any of the yards around our building; there’s no stump that we could see. Other then that tree and a lot of larger broken branches abpit our area had very little damage, we didn’t even lose power. We’d stocked up on a few important supplies just in case but knew realistically if anything had happened we had friends and family throughout the GTA we could call on or could call on us.

By Wednesday in Toronto is was business as usual and Thursday Little Miss and I met up my friend Jess and her 6 month old K to have lunch at Imperial Buffet at the Eglinton Town Centre and see Fun Size. I had never been to Imperial and it was Little Miss’ first time trying Chinese food. We both enjoyed ourselves greatly before crossing the parking lot and watching a movie. Jess and I haven’t seen a movie together since we watched Magic Mike over the summer but have been trying to work something out for weeks now. Every time we’ve hammered out a date some sort of emergency or other has derailed our plans so it was nice to finally keep a date. Little Miss and K were great during the movie; sitting contour laps playing with each other’s feet and napping while we enjoyed the movie. It was silly and fun but also had enough sentiment to keep it from being pure fluff. This week we’re trying to do it all again but see Wreck It Ralph, hopefully all will go as planned.

C loves pizza, loves it. He could happily eat it several times a week and not get tired of it. Saturday we had a vets appointment for Bright-Eyes to check her glucose levels, which are doing so well we now only have to give her one insulin shot a day now(sorry to sidetrack) and afterwards we decided to go to Loblaws and grab a few things. C wanted pizza for dinner but we didn’t feel like ordering and he dislikes frozen. Loblaws makes fresh pizzas that you just put in the oven but haven’t been frozen. We found a 16′ cheese one for 50% off and decided to put our own topping on. By the way 50% off meant if was only $4. We are a mostly white meat family and knew our meat topping would be chicken so we wondered over to the butcher area and again found some chicken for a great discount (30%) and then found chicken wings, which he also loves, for more than 70% off. We choose to use sweet onion, fresh garlic and tomatoes for our additional toppings. It was great. We spent only $13 on pizza, toppings and wings and got so much more than if we jaded ordered from a restaurant, we even got more toppings per slice.

Sunday as sports lovers know is football day. I don’t dislike football, I quite like it when I’m watching it live and not on a television. I don’t have the attention span for replays and commercials. There were a few games C really wanted to watch so we decided he could hang out at home for the afternoon and watch the games while Little Miss and I went to visit Bestie and Jay. Even though the girls are about 10 months apart they get along really well now that Little Miss is mobile and chatty. They spent the afternoon chasing each other around the living room and tag team chasing Gus the cat. Jay has been in day care during the week for the last two months and her handling of those smaller than her has gotten better. Jay’s more gentle without having to be told as often with Little Miss and unless she’s decided she wants to try and ride the baby like a horse (which we 86 immediately) she’s fine to be a play mate to Little Miss. Bertie and I are thrilled since we grew up a grade apart and a half a year dividing us and yet we’re 25 yrs into this friendship so we hope the girls will be able to do the same as time goes on.

The girls are closing in on poor Gus on the child couch. You can see him in the corner of it (the grey fluff).

Followed At The Grocery Store

How paranoid are you about the potential of someone snatching your baby or child? We all have that worry somewhere in the back of our minds that there is the possibility of it happening, but I am an optimist, I try to be aware of the possibility not let it become an obsession. In the last few years there have been some extreme cases of attempted baby/child snatching in the Toronto area. There was a case where a model organised a phony casting call for infants and using a Beck Taxi stole a baby. The child was returned and she has since been sentenced. There was an incident where a 4 yr old girl was taken from her bed in the middle of the night. She was quickly found as well, but it’s a scary thing to read these stories as it seems they are becoming more commonplace.

Obviously as very proud new parents C and I think Little Miss is the most beautiful baby in the world. We both have seen these stories and many more and decided most recently after sereral stories where the parents were with the child and would be abductors still tried to make off with the children to increase our vigilance. When we are out whether shopping or just travelling on he TTC we always make sure the the stroller or shopping cart Little Miss is in is in front of us and we have a hand holding onto it. We make sure to never have our backs turned away from her and try to stay aware of those around us. Even when we’re on the subway and she’s sleeping I don’t take my attention off of Little Miss. I used to read on the TTC and now I usually focus on her and the other people in the area.

This isn’t just a random post. Last week Little Miss and I were at the grocery store I’ve been going to since I moved back to Toronto. I’ve gotten to know several of the full time empoylees well enough to have minor chitchat about our day to day lives. They see Little Miss and say hi and comment on her growth and development. This is not creepy. Last week as I got her settled into the shopping cart Little Miss drew the usual baby lovers to her like flies. Lots of ‘Oh, she’s so pretty’s and ‘Look at that smile!’s. There was one woman who smiled at us but kept back a few feet. As we wove our way around the fresh produce section I noticed the woman who stayed back constantly in my peripheral vision a lot. I decided to pay closer attention while still shopping. As we continued persuing the aisles I became aware that not she seemed to be following us. Not the ‘oh we haappen to be going down the same aisles’ following. I don’t shop in a linear fashion. I’m more of a random/flitterer shopper going up and down aisles as I’m interested, very hard to accidentally have the exact same shopping pattern as I have. This woman was following following Little Miss. Not me, my baby. She would barely look at me but was constantly staring at the baby. She would stay at least 10 feet away but come on, I’m not stupid and my warning bells were blaring. I had a minor case of stalking and even they were more subtle then this woman was. This was blatant out in the open following us.

Finally I’d had enough. I was getting really creeped out and scared. what if this woman with the intense smile and eyes decided to get too close. I didn’t know her, I have no clue what she wants or intends. She could be harmless, but in those moments that’s not what I’m thinking. My only thought is to keep my baby safe. I went over to the customer service desk and said something was wrong. She’s one of the people I know somewhat. She asked what was wrong and as I started to tell her the woman following us quickly left. She abandoned her EMPTY shopping cart and just walked away. Even though the woman left I gave her description and now the store is on alret for her. They have cameras and are going to be on the lookout for is she returns. I have also chosen to change our shopping habits for a bit. No more going at the same time or day. We’re going to shake things up a bit in case she returns. Looking back now that it’s been about a week I can see things more clearly and calmly, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do the exact same thing. I did not know her or her intentions and I can truly say that as paranoid as I’ve lelt sometimes keeping so much attention on my daughter I no longer do, I feel somewhat justified.

This situation ended wel, but you never know when something can go wrong. I`m not telling telling anyone else how to react or chose to look after their children when out in public, but I feel that I should just reiterate being careful and always going with your gut if something feels off to you.

Gus and Little Miss

Little Miss and I want to visit Bestie again the other day and her kitten, Gus, and Little Miss seem to have a love hate relationship. They love to poke and follow eachother but hate when the other corners them. Gus and Little Miss will do the silly girly slap the air by eachother but neither has made full contact yet. I know it’s probably going to happen but we keep watch and it’s funny to see them crawl around the carpet together. This picture was on bestie’s bed and Little Miss was winding down for a nap. Gus wanted to be close to her and ended up curling into the crook of her knees when she finally fell asleep.

Night Away

My previous post was about our decision for me to go away to a family friends wedding and leave both ‘C’ and Little Miss here in Toronto for  a family get together on his side. I mentioned going to Bestie’s for the night this past Saturday as a trial seperation to see how all three of us handled it. I didn’t write about what I did while away as it didn’t fit into the topic. Here is my night out.

We knew I would be pumping and dumping as well as having looked up the time it takes a breast feeding women to process alcohol in her system. Since I didn’t have to worry about Little Miss needing a bottle I was able to drink a bit. I was not going to get ‘wasted’ or anything so bad I couldn’t make the trip home if needed or be so bad I couldn’t keep to my pump schedule. I was going to drink though. All night we had Sweet Tea Raspberry flavoured vodka and mixed it with either juice (my favourite) or Coke for those who preferred and Cold Shots for the beer drinker; there were a few little sampler drinks as well but nothing big.

There were 7 of us all hanging out; 4 women and 3 men. Of the group only two are not parents so we all had children to care for the next day for the most part thusly keeping on the lighter side of drunk. It was fun and silly. We had BBQ’d burgers earlier in the evening and then pasta closer to bed time. We played a few games and did a lot of laughing. It was nice to get out (altough not go out) for an evening and get to be myself without having to censor what I did or said within reason. I won’t lie and say I was totally sober but nor was I drunk. I was able to keep to my pump schedule and for the most part my morning wake up time as well.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that again but I do know that if and when I do I’ll be more confident about leaving Little Miss with her father and not worrying myself to distraction about all the unlikely but possible situations they could end up in.