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Heart Attacks and Families

I’ve been gone for most of this year so far and finally feel settled down enough to come back. A lot has gone on. I last wrote just before Little Miss turned one and since then so much has happened.

C ended up with a terrible throat infection that was so bad he went without solids for nearly a week and just as he was on the mend Little Miss got sick as well. I ended up having to take a few days off work to look after the both of them even though on the final day I felt it might not have been necessary. It was. So very necessary.

The second weekend in February C had a minor heart attack. He’s 26. If I had been as work he would have been home alone with a sleeping one year old and unable to do anything about it. I honestly thought he was joking around when he came out of the bedroom saying his heart hurt. I remembered all those commercials about pain or numbness in your left side and asked about that. He told me it didn’t hurt but the lower half of his arm felt like pins and needles and that his chest felt heavy like someone was pushing on it on top of the heart pain. I called Ontario Telehealth not wanting to over-react and while I was on the phone with them C became clammy, went ash grey with dark sunken eyes and his limbs started to jerk and twitch lightly. They put me on with 911 and the ambulance showed up less than 10 minutes later. I had to send C off on his own while I waited for my mom to come to take care of the baby. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I had to make sure Little Miss was taken care of and he needed medical attention more than me at his side. I made sure I knew which hospital they were headed to and then set about packing a bag for the baby.

That was one of the longest and scariest feeling waits of my life and if you’ve read my older posts you know I spent my entire 3rd trimester on modified bed rest waiting for Little Miss reach term without any further complications or dangers. When I walked into C’s bed area it was heart wrenching. He was in and out of consciousness while hooked up to all sorts of machines and monitors attached all over his torso. His heart rate was still up around 160. Whenever he would wake up he would have no real clue of what was going on or where he was. When he finally started to become aware it was slow and took several times explaining before he was able to retain it all.

Since then C has been diagnosed with a heart condition that will eventually result in a need for a pacemaker and has the possibility of being hereditarily passed on to our children, they will have to be checked for it as they get older too. He also now has had to make some very drastic changes to his diet. He is no longer allowed to have caffeine, which means no more coffee or tea as well as no more chocolate. This is a man who was a 2-3 coffee a day kind of man, not an easy transition.

We also found just the day before his attack that we were pregnant. Yes, almost immediately after we had that miscarriage in December. In fact, after we had a dating scan we found out it was only weeks later that this baby was conceived. We were in shock. Funnily enough C has been more excited than I have been up until recently. I was paranoid after the miscarriage and how soon it was as well as worried about his health and then all of my (justified) fears from carrying Little Miss.

We are considered High Risk and are being monitored more closely than a standard pregnancy and as we get further into this pregnancy the monitoring will increase as well. After a woman has had a confirmed Placental Abruption once with every subsequent pregnancy the risk increases of it happening again. The doctors confirmed the miscarriage was due to this and so we’ve had two pregnancy’s where it’s occurred, one that ended in termination and the other in bed rest and early birth.

So far though everything has been very good. Last time I was sick throughout the entire pregnancy, even throwing up in labour. This time I’ve had a few rough days of nausea and a couple of barfing sessions but mostly it’s been smooth sailing. We are 16 weeks now and as we get further into it my worries have lessened, although I know that as I near the time of when everything went bad with Little Miss my anxiety will probably ramp back up into gear but for now I am enjoying everything. I even felt the baby move for the first time today at one of our check ups, apparently they don’t like having us listen to their heart beat and started bopping around to escape.

I also had a grandparent die in the midst of all of this. She had gone into the hospital in Kingston for heart surgery to remove some infected tissue and was unable to be resuscitated. It was a big jumble for awhile and we’re still dealing with the paper work her belongings. It’s going to be a bit longer until everything is settled and we can even sell her condo or decide what to do with it. The memorial and funeral were lovely, one of my step brothers created a memory DVD of photos and quotes in her honour that the funeral director offered him a part time job making them for other families. Most of the family there were in tears or had wet eyes at the end of it. It was beautiful.

There have also been many other smaller things that have kept me busy and away from the computer. I know that Little Miss is one 15 months old now but she’s hitting milestones left and right it seems. She got her first 3 molars in March all within a 2.5 week span and the 4th is just waiting to pop out. Not only can she walk now but she’s also running and trying to jump up and down. She’s also gotten very good with babies since we spend 2 days a week with Minnie who just turned 6 months and it’s about to go up to 3 days, good practice for when the new baby comes in the autumn.

I have no idea what is going to happen over the next little bit I hope to be back and more active now as things have started to finally settle down a bit here. We’re getting ready to become a 4 person family instead of 3 and get Little Miss as ready for the changes that will come with this as easily as we can for someone so young to understand. We will in the next few weeks find out if Little Miss will have a brother or a sister and although we’ll be happy either way it will be nice to know ahead of time to start buying baby necessities or saving ones we already have.

My Starting Point

This is Terra. I’ve known her since we were both in grade school and we’ve been great friends. Even now when we live so far apart and can sometimes for months without seeing eachother our friendship is going strong, we pick up exactly where we left off. As the post mentions she’s had a very rough year and is trying to pull herself back together. I’m very impressed and proud of what she’s doing and can’t wait to see how fast she’ll accomplish her goals because I know she will meet and probably exceed them.

Fit Girl On Top

This last year has been the hardest year of my life. I’ve had difficulties with my physical and mental health causing me to take medical leave from work and have a dramatic decrease in my fitness level and overall health. I have packed on a whopping 27lbs on my petite 5’2 frame just from taking medications. Watching my weight skyrocket while I was still exercising and eating well was a complete shock to me. How is it possible that medications which are supposed to help provide me with good health are making me unhealthy? As I stepped on the scale my weight had hit

over 141lbs and 30% body fat which had put me into the “overweight” category. EEEKKK!! This has been exceptionally hard for me as I am a fitness and health professional who has always been in shape…until now.

It is so difficult to suffer through medical problems…

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Feline Diabetes

I mentioned in my introductory post for our cats that our oldest kitty Bright-Eyes has feline diabetes. She was diagnosed just over 3 years ago. It hit her hard and fast. She went from being a pudgy but slowly losing her excess fat kitty to so skinny you could feel her bones protruding under her skin and we thought she would die in less then 3 weeks. I got so desperate I called a local vet office and told them I was bringing her in, I didn’t ask I told.

The vet office saw her and took her into the back where we couldn’t follow. From what I gather they ran several blood tests and a swath of various other tests. It took around an hour. The doctor finally came out and brought our poor kitty who’d had patches along her shoulders and sides shaved off for the tests. She was PISSED. They told us they were nearly 100% sure of the diagnosis of diabetes but had to wait for extended results to be sure and then if it was she would need to be dropped off for a day so they could monitor her blood sugar level to decide how much insulin she’d need.

All I can say is pet insurance works. By the time we’d finished with the testing and getting Broght-Eyes set up with the first bottle of insulin and box of needles we’d easily spent over $500. I know that’s no small amount, but the year before she’d been ill and afterwards we decided upon getting insurance. After the initial deductable annually all of her medical expenses are covered including blood work and needles and insulin. It’s more then paid for itself. We share a plan with my mom and last year her cat was diagnosed with cancer. She spent $2700 altogether just on the surgery and testing amd meds for that in 3 months. ALL of it was covered. They give us more money back annually then we spent on our monthly premiums.

When we first stared giving Bright-Eyes her insulin it was every 12 hours and 7 units at each dose; 14 units a day. We give her her needle at food time which is also twice a day and only wet food. This always happens at 5:30. Yes even on weekend one of us, usually me, gets up and feeds, waters and gives her a needle. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy; it took several months before I could do it without flinching and now it’s just a part of our morning routine, but it’s worth it since she’s ours and family.

In the 3 years she’s been diabetic we’ve gone from 14 units a day of insulin to 2 a day as of yesterday. We’re hopeful to send her into full on remission within a year or so meaning that hopefully she’ll get to spend her last few years not being constantly pricked and poked. Cats are unique in the diabetic world this way. It’s most likely if it’s caught early and properly treated.

We’ve also gotten her weight firmly under control. When we adopted her she weighed in at 22 lbs. Yeah 22. She was 11 when she was dropped off at the Humane Society and came out a year later double that. Before she got sick we’d gotten her to about 18, pudgy but a lot better and able to move around and climb on the furniture. When she got sick she went from 18 to 11 in 3 weeks. It was so quick and drastic the doctors thought she would have permanent muscle damage and loss in her hind legs. When she walked it looked like she was wearing giant clown shoes the way her lower legs flopped as she moved. It was scary and so very sad. Now I’m so happy to be able to say there has been some slight loss in muscle but she walks normal and is almost fully back up to par in her leg strength. She is now 16 lbs 8 oz and has been for a year.

We never imagined anything like that would or could happen to a cat we owned and now that it has we’re just very greatful we caught it in time and that we’ve been lucky enough to keep it manageable. Of course there are some sacrifices, like going away requires a lot more planning but it’s now to the point we can at least be a few hours later in giving her a needle and are even able to give her dry treats sometimes. The vet’s are very impressed with how well she’s doing and said to keep doing whatever it was. They even asked which foods we’re using assuming it was one of the special(expensive) vet brands, nope, we use Friskie’s indoor wet food brand. We get all the flavours to mix it up for her but it’s working and we’re very happy about it. I highly recommend it to anyone with a diabetic kitty.

If anyone else out there has a beloved pet with diabetes or another daily illness I feel for you and hope everything is doing well.

Four Month Immunization

So, yesterday was our four month check-up and for Maddie her immunization shots. Out appointment was for mod afternoon so we visited my best friend and god-daughter for the morning first. Was just a relaxing time watching her 14 month old be mesmerized by the baby. She kept wanting to pet her and help bury her. Very cute.
At the doctors office we did a run down of all that had gone on since our last visit a month ago. Including asking them to double check her head after her Maddie bumped it Wednesday while practicing sitting up. If you’ve read my previous post you know I had a troller, contrary to their ignorant beliefs the doctor said she was fine and that it was not a concern since it was such a short distance (less then 6 inches). They said anything higher then her height or if the baby has any of the warning signs is when to bring them to be checked immediately, otherwise they cannot do anything more than what Mom and Dad can at home. After that we did the strip down and weigh in and then her measurements. She’s still on the petite side but since her doctors have adjusted her due date making her almost 4 weeks early she’s almost right on track. They were also very impressed with how well Maddie is doing with all her infant milestones so far, saying she’s a bit ahead in some areas.
My family practice is very pro breast feeding and when we had all our problematic early on with matching and then the illness they fully did not expect her to still be exclusively on breast milk. When they found out she was they were very impressed and stressed not supplementing with anything if possible until 6 months. We were told to for now ignore the well meaning advice of doing so for longer night sleeps and weight gain.
Weight: 12 lbs 7 oz
Height: 59 cm
After all of that came needle time. Our practice does both needles at the same time. Last shots Maddie was lying on the table, this time they had me hold her. Another doctor came in and each had a needle in one hand held onto one of her little legs with the other. It was quick. She shrieked bloody murder at me and them. I’m so glad that by doing them together I didn’t have to calm her down after one to have them repeat with the second one when she would still be upset and tense. She ended up crying more yesterday for her needles then when she booked her head.
While we waited the 15 minutes afterwards to see about any allergic reactions the doctor and I discussed some issues with the C-section and some concerns about nerve damage, but until 12 months later we agreed not to worry over much. After all, they say it take 12-18 months to truly recover from pregnancy and birth.
We came straight home once we were dismissed and Maddie was great for the first few hours and then got the fever and fussy reaction some babies have. Nothing serious but enough she’s been riding the line of miserable and tolerable. We’ve been doing infant Tylenol only as she needs it.
Hopefully in the morning she’ll be fully recovered and ready for family brunch before her Daddy starts mid nights Sunday. I have to say even though she won’t remember anus of this when she’s older I was so proud of how she handled it at the doctors office. Yes, she cried and screamed a bit but within 10 minutes she was not only over the tears but smiling at both doctors and gurgling at them. Apparently she’s not one to hold grudges.
One last thing that I learned yesterday but hasn’t really got anything to do with my family so far. Did anyone know that doctors discovered a baby had a tumor in one eye when the babies picture appeared in the newspaper and one eye didn’t javelin that red reflection. Medical professionals have discovered that if one eye has a reflection and thwarting other meant at the same angle its a tumor. Who knew pictures could literally save your eyesight or life.


We have PVR, since with a baby watching your favourite TV show at its regular air time isn’t always an option. We didn’t get around to watching this past weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy until Friday and I’ve needed until now to be able to process it and what I wanted to write.

So the episode was Titled ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and in the show one of the interns had to let her preemie baby pass due to complications of the premature birth. Sad for almost anyone to watch, especially someone with a baby or who had recently suffered the same thing. I’m lucky to say I didn’t have to go through that but I have been watching one of my best friends deal with this.

Literally the day I was at Sick Kids in March with Maddie my friend, ‘S’, was at Sunnybrooke giving birth to her preemie. This was ironically the same day that on ‘Grey’s’ the intern gave birth early. Similar right? Wait, there are more co-relations than that. My friend was 8 hrs shy of 23 weeks, the intern was just 23. Early labour due to mothers undiagnosed condition? That too, although different conditions. Both also had little boys.

In the show the baby had many complications and went through several surgeries before finally having to be taken off life support last week, by the time he’d passed in the show around 5-8 weeks had gone by, although you’re never really sure with that show. It was terrible watching the intern, Morgan, have to hold her baby while he slowly stopped fighting to breathe. I bawled and finally had to skip over it, I couldn’t watch that knowing that ‘S’ had to do the same thing only 6 weeks previously.

It all started on a Sunday night when she sent me a text asking what I thought about her ‘plug’ coming out. I wasn’t too worried but since I’d gone through it and ended up on modified bed rest I made her call the hospitals 24 hr line to talk to the OB on-call. They said to not worry, keep an eye on it and come in ASAP if there was any bleeding but since she was coming in on Thursday to just take it easy until then. Over the next bit she kept me updated, until Tuesday night she told me she didn’t feel right but when I suggested she go into Triage she decided not to since the Dr said it wasn’t an emergency.

Then, while at work on the Wednesday, like me she started to bleed. She got up and went to the Maternity Triage immediately. At this point she was 22 weeks 5 1/2 days. When the nurse came in to check on her at one point she asked point blank if it was possible she was having an abruption since she was having the same symptoms I’d had only a few months before. The nurse told her ‘No’ because if it were she would be in much more pain. No doctor had seen her yet and wouldn’t for at least another 2 hours, by then she’d started having contractions and dilating. They admitted her and told her she wasn’t even allowed to stand up because her sack had started to decend through the cervix and they hoped to stop the contractions.

Finally, Thursday morning the Doctors told her she was going to have to deliver but since the baby was on the Edge of Viability he would not survive and there was no real hope, but if she wanted they might try to save him. How devastating, right? They had her fully convinced that her baby would be either still born, due to her heavy bleeding or would die shortly after and that if she told them to try it would be basically useless. I remember her texting me and telling me before they started her on pushing how sad she was and in shock. She wasn’t fully aware anymore, she’d retreated in on herself.

Before I continue let me explain what the Edge of Viability is… It’s the line that Doctors have drawn on when they’ll intervene essentially on premature births. In Canada it’s usually 23 weeks and up or 500+ grams. The doctors will fudge on this sometimes but only at the extreme insistence of the parents barring that the mother is at a hospital with a NICU with extreme preemie capabilities. Sunnybrooke has them. Now this line isn’t the same for every country, it shifts and even then can be pushed to the side. There is right now in Miami a little girl who in 2006 was born at 19 1/2 weeks and from all accounts is actually quite normal developmentally. She’s the youngest surviving preemie in the world. The lightest weighing one was a twin and was 244 grams, both she and her sister are alive now. So, we know that babies under both of Canada’s standard have lived. Yes, there are risks as with anything and the statistics aren’t the best but it’s possible.

Thursday in the late afternoon ‘S’ gave birth to her son at 22 weeks 6 days and 16 hours… so close. He weighed in at 484 grams… Again, so close. The doctors and nurses clipped his cord, put a hat and booties on him wrapped him up and gave him to her so she could be with him while he passed. It took 12 minutes. 12 minutes where the doctors hadn’t given him anything for the pain to make it easier. It might not seem long but imagine fighting to breathe for that lenth of time and then tell me that isn’t too long. That’s a fifth of an hour. That’s longer then even the medical staff thought he’d survive, they’d figured a moment or two.

I cannot say what Sunnybrooke’s practice is on preemie deaths but I know that at Sick Kids when a preemie cannot survive they give the baby a pain medication to stop any pain and put them to sleep so that their passing is easier for both the child and parent. My friends baby got nothing.

The reason the doctors thought he would only live for a moment or two is because when a baby is born premature their lungs are not ready to breathe. A babies lungs are underdeveloped and brittle until about the 8th month, so a premature baby is given surfactan, a liduid medication that help the babie’s lung mature faster and soften to ease the assisted breathing. He managed to go 12 minutes without it, how long he could have survived with it and a ventilator and all the other care a preemie receives we’ll never know.

My friend had her own complications, she wouldn’t stop bleeding and had to while holding her son be treated and the doctors help keep her from bleeding out or anyother risks she faced due to what ended up being anbruption, as she’d feared. Hers was in the most extreme tyre of which 24% are, and yet she’d been told she couldn’t be having one. On top of the abruption she had the early signs of Gestational Diabetes, for which she’d been tested already and told was negative and a clotting problem. At her 6 week postpartum check up they told her all this and that any future pregnancy would be considered ‘high-risk’ and she would have to be monitored closely.

It’s been almost 7 weeks now and since then my friend has been on an uphill battle to right her life, which was completely flipped upside down. She’s blamed herself, the doctors, God. She’s over the blaming and knows that things happen we cannot control, but she’s still devastated emotionally and trying to figure out how to move forward now without the little boy she’d been preparing to bring home in July.

I know TV is not real and some shows are more fanciful than others, but in that moment when I was watching Morgan lose her son, I believe they got it exactly right. I can’t imagine what people who have to face that reality are going through, but having watched ‘S’ I can say I know that it must be absolutely heart-wrenching and something that you never fully get over. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, ever.

The Princess Has Arrived

So once again it’s been a bit since I last posted but things got a little crazy. I remember writing about how I was going to start trying those ‘tips’ for encouraging labour from online… Never got to try any out.

Last Tuesday afternoon ‘C’ started his night shifts and a girl friend who is 16 weeks aong now in her pregnancy came over. We planned on watching a movie and having pizza and just gabbing and chatting obsessively about babies and pregnancy. We did all of those things, including joking about me going into labour while she was over or very soon anyways. This was decided to possibly happen soon since that morning I’d had a dream I had gone into labour and awoke in the push position. Weird I know.

Anyways, we spent several happy hours thusly and around 9pm she had to head home. I waddled with her to her car and told her to at least text me so I knew she arrived safely. Then I waddled, huffed and puffed my way up to the apartment. I puttered around and did a few dishes while feeling restless the whole time. I got a text around 9:30pm letting me know she was home safe and sound and we kept on texting. I was alos lying on the loveseat and surfing online when all of the sudden I felt a squirt between my legs. Anyone whose been very pregnant knows it can be hard to gauge bathroom necessity, so my first thought was ‘Oh no! I peed myself’. I jumped up and while trying to clench desperately and rush to the washroom it kept coming. While leaking through my second pair of panties I decided it was definately my water had broken, but I was still contraction free. As I mentioned in previous posts I`ve not had the easiest pregnany so I called ‘C’ and got his voicemail. I hung up and sent him a text saying ‘I think my water broke’ and while waiting for a reply called the hospitals materinty triage.

The triage took my information and number and said the Dr would call me back with what they wanted me to do. While I waited ‘C’ walked in the door, aqbout 7 minutes after I sent the text. My first thought was ‘Wow, that was quick getting home’. So I asked if he’s gotten my text. He got a deer in the head lights look and checked his phone. I could tell when he’d finished reading because his eyes rolled, he swayed and then he started running around like a chicken with no head jibbering about everything he still needed to do and pack. Finally I told him to take a shower since he wouldn’t get another chance until after thw birth.

The triage called back and told us even though there were no contractions they thought it was safest if I came in sooner than later. I got the mister out of the shower and figured I should follow suit and had just a quick one while he packed some things for himself in my nag that had been sitting by the door for the last few weeks. Finally we headed to the hospital.

We walked into the triage right around 12am Wednesday morning and they had me on a bed and a Dr in the room within 5 minutes. They did a quick internal to verify my water had broken and waited to see if contractions had started. At this point I still had none so they decided to induce me. I was moved into a delivery room and ironically enough contractions started just before 1am. They were about 18-20 minutes apart but quite intense. They called the anesthesiologist in to go over an epidural with me. I wanted drugs, I don’t mind some pain but I’m not a glutton for it, pfft, I so wanted drugs, so the Dr said he was going to get the paperwork and get set up and we would started the epidural around 2am.

By the time he was back and we were ready to start my contractions had gone from 18 minutes to literally 2 minutes apart and I hadn`t been induced yet. They hurt like a B*tch let me tell you. They also made it extra work to get the epidural done since they were coming so frequently and you have to stay as still as possible in a hunched over position for the needle. It took about 45 minutes to get it done due to them and I was exhausted by then. I`d been up since 5:30am Tuesday morning and it takes a lot of effort and will to sit still during a contraction. I remember shutting my eyes and just breathing deeply for several minutes c alming myself and going over some meditatons I had learnt in a pain management course.

All of the sudden I heard monitors beeping loudly and a nurse and Dr rushing around and speaking medicalese at eachother while they handed `C`an oxygen mask and told him to hold it over my face. I had no clue what was happening only that it was obviously bad. They started rolling me from side to side and then pushing on my belly before finally positioning my legs around like I was a gymnist and having to go in and put a monitor in the babies head internally while trying to apparently get her breathing right again. It turns out something in the labour was either hurting her or causing distress and her heartrate would start to bottom out. They still aren`t exactly sure why this happened. It also stopped my dilation, I`d been at 4cm before this happened and when they checked after her heartrate settled it was no longer progressing.

Over the next 7.5 hours this bottoming out would happen 5 more times going for longer and causing the Dr`s to have to go to greater lenths to get her back to a safe rate and pace, while also causing my dilation to regress. Terrifying when you think about it really. Finally one of the Dr`s came in and told us essentially we had a 3-5% chance of having everything get better and having a vaginal birth but they thought a C-Section would be best. They told us we could say `yes`then and we would go into the OR within the next hour or so and `C`would be allowed with me and I would still be awake. They warned us that if we decided to wait it out hoping for the best and her heartrate dropped again they would have to to an emergancy C-Section in which they would have to put me fully under and `C` wouldn`t be allowed in the OR due to the seriousness to the situation… Guess what option we went with.

So we were having a C-Section now. They were correct in it only taking about an hour before were were being led into the OR. I went in first and they upped my epidural to completely numb me from the chest down while strapping my onto the bed with my arms outspread like something out of an episode of Greys Anatomy. Finally it was time to start and `C`was led in. I was groggy for this part but still aware, just heavy feeling. I remember hearing her frst cries and thinking `Thank goodness!` before they started to evacuate the placenta and whatever else they do down there. Unfortuntaley it started to burn and I mean BURN, as in think of the worst sunburn you`ve ever had and imagine someone walking up to you and full tilt smacking it, but deep inside as well as outside.

They had to up the drugs greatly which threw me for a wicked loop. I remember feeling like things were in super slow motion and at one point trying to say to the Dr `I`m high as shit.`which I was told later I said 7-8 times causing the nurses to giggle. My drug dreams I remember not at all detail wise, but I do remember some being good and some being scary. `C`said he could tell when they were bad because I would look terrified. He also said I looked like a rag doll flopping about on the table due to the Dr`s ministrations to get out the placenta and sew me back up. I remember none of this thankfully.

I woke up around 3pm in the recovery room seeing 5 of everything, unable to really process anything let alone hold the baby. But once I was more aware and sobered up I got to finally hold her and see her. PERFECTION. She was born on January 25th at 1:43pm weighing 7lbs exactly and measuring 19 inches. She was 2 weeks to ther day early. Today she turned 6 days.

Time for a feeding. Will write again tomorrow with details of the post delivery stay and whatnot.

My first Post

So a little background… I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little girl. This was a total surprise as we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but here we are. And hey, it could be worse, we’ve been together over 4 years and living together nearly as long. This surprise just came a bit ahead of plan. We’re excited but at the same time incredibly stressed as well. This hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Finding out we were expecting was interesting. We were on the pill and had never had any scares, so when my period was late it wasn’t overly concerning since I had never been fully predictable even on the pill. Finally 5 days later my best friend talked me into taking a test. Since I didn’t really believe anything would come of it I pulled a cheapy and spent a whopping $2.50 at Dollarama on 2 tests. Yes, Dollarama and made my way to her place to take the first test. Those suckers are accurate! It changed to positive immediately. Since she’d just had a baby in March of course once it sank in we did the girly squealing and the ‘OMG what if they are besties like us or get married’ crazy imaginings that girls all secetly harbour. After an hour or so I made the trip home to tell the Mister, who we’ll call ‘C’.

When I got home I didn’t really have a plan on how I was going to tell him, it just came down to doing it in the least dramatic way I could think of ( I’m a teeny tiny bit of an over-dramatic). So I decided to play it normal. Our usual habit is when the last person gets home we go into the bedroom and lie down to re-hash our days together. Just a way we stay connected in this crazy busy world. So we’re on the bed and it just popped out. C’s reply?

‘How did this happen?!’

‘Do you really need a crash course in sex-ed?’ I asked since I was just as flabbergasted that it had happened.

Once he’d gotten over the shock I got the usual ‘Are you sure’ that most guys give us. So we went and did the second test I’d bought. LoL, looking back I think it’s pretty funny that even after we took the test ‘C’ said he couldn’t believe it since it was a dollar store test, so out he went to SDM (Shoppers Drug Mart) to buy a Clearblue one. He bought one that tells you how far along you are roughly. 5 Weeks.

5 Weeks and we hadn’t known. I’m not a party girl or anything close but I’d had friends down and had definitey gone out drinking a few nights whil they visited. This was all I could think about as well as the fact that I take daily medication for a back problem. Scary scary thoughts.

Ironically, I had my yearly physical booked for a few days later, so luckily I was able to see my family Dr quickly. I made my mom come with me to tell her since I’m a chicken and she’s been my Dr since I was a bump in my mom’s belly. She knows EVERYTHING about me and likes to shake her finger at me. We got everything figured out, like my meds and how we were going to proceed. I was officially walking arounf with a bun in the oven.

We kept our news quiet as possible but it wasn’t the easiest thing to do since I got hit with some fairly strong morning sickness that I still get occasionally. So, my work figured it out fairly early on. Other than the morning sickness I had a great early pregnancy, I’m one of the few lucky women with back problems whose pain actually gets better while pregnant due to all the hormones. Then things started to get wonky around 20 weeks. I ended up falling and having a back spasm, which in turn caused some contractions. Luckily the doctors managed to stop them. Then we found out at the anatomy ultrasound the baby had a tiny whole in one ventricle that had to be watched. We also didn’t know what she was because she kept hiding her bits.

Finally we got the good news that the hole seemed to have closed itself up and things were back on track, but still no sex so we booked and appointment for a 3D scan. First off, it was amazing! They were great and we could have a live feed set up for family so they could watch it while we went and see and hear what we did. I remember going in and telling them I wouldn’t leave if they didn’t tell if the baby was a boy or girl. Not only did we FINALLY know it was a girl we got to see what she looked like. Her eyes, her nose her little hands, everything. I highly recommend them, even if it is out of pocket. We and our families were so excited.

This excitement lasted a whole 2.5 weeks and then whiile at work one day I started to bleed and get stabbing pains. I called the Dr anf was told to go to my delivery hospital immediately. My hospital does 25% of all high risk deliveries in Canada, so it’s a good place to be if you’re early and something goes wrong, which obviously something had. They let me go home since the bleeding seemed to have stopped but I had an ultrasound thast found a bleed under the placenta. The doctors decided it was a subchorionic lake and that I couldn’t work for week and go back for another scan in a week and they’d see how things were then.

A week later I go back. I’d started bleeding again the night before, when the doctor heard this he sent me up to the neonatal triage. Poor ‘C’, he gets the first text saying ‘Babe, they sent me up to triage to get checked again’. He says he’s on his way. Before he can get there I send him another one saying something like ‘Oh, now its an overnight.’ Poor guy, he walks into my room and the doctors tell us it’s going to be until Monday at the soonest before I can go home, it was Friday.  I ended up in the High Rick Unti for 6 days, got the steriods and was diasnosed with a placenta abruption, which means a part of the placenta was tearing away from the uterus wall.

Upon being released to go home I was put on modified bed rest and given a list of things I was allowed to do instead of not allowed to do since the one of approved activites was shorter. Some out the things I can no longer do?

1. Sex

2. Move at any speed faster than a walk

3. Have a bath

4. Laundry

5. Anthing that uses effort.

Unless I’m on the way to the doctors I’m not even supposed to go outside without an escort. I’m not even supposed to take showers alone unless its a quick wash one, if I want a longer one ‘C’ has to be home to help me. It’s absolutely infuriating for someone whose always been a go getter and independant. I’m also a bit of a jitter bug. I don’t walk, I dance about normally. It’s driving me crazy to be so sedentary.

I imagine you’re thinking that’s all right? Nope. I have ultrasounds now every 2 weeksish and the one I had right before Christmas showed a 20% slow down in fetal growth. Which is actually quite concerning this late in the ball game especially after getting the steroids. Also, the bleeding started again this past Saturday which caused another visit to the hospital. But they did say the abruption is holding steady, not getting better but not getting worse.

We’ll see how things go on Monday when I see the Dr again. I’m starting to feel that since she’ll be considered full term next week that maybe I should try to talk to her about how  great it would be if she came in the next week or so. Like how her mommy and daddy will be here as well as her aunts and uncles and grandparents. Also how it will be warm and comforting at home and how we’ll take such good care of her. Would also be nice to finally meet the little drama queen after all this time and concern. What does she look like now? Who will she look like? And so on. But I also know the longer she stays put the better for her.