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I’m Back

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks, I know. Sorry. Things just kept popping up and as one of my last few posts mentioned C and I were hit with a family issue. I’m back now and I’ll give a bit of an update.

I last posted before Christmas and this one was a first for Little Miss. With both families scattered about Ontario we ended up doing two Christmas’ here in the GTA and have yet to do one with my Dad and Co. up in the Ottawa region. Little Miss was thrilled to bits with all of her toys and loved being able to rip and tear the wrapping paper. She had no idea what was really going on but seeing family and getting new things to goober on and play with made her very happy. C and I promised we’d do a very low key holiday together this year and not do presents… we failed.  I got a matching ring and earring set and he got a new PS3. This year maybe we’ll be able to stick to our guns better.

Usually, New years is an evening of laughter, happiness, friends and a couple drinks. This year I had to work overnight so C and I had no real plans for the evening. In the couple of hours before I had to head out our fridge died. Full on died. Our super is dealing with a terribly high risk pregnancy and all the complications that arise due to them and wasn’t able to come until the 2nd. We didn’t get a new fridge until the 4th. It wasn’t awful, we had enough in our cupboards to get by and ordered out a bit but the cost of the situation stunk. $250. Yes, $250 is the estimated value of the food that was lost due to the death of our fridge. Ay any time of year that’s a crappy number but just after Christmas? Extra crappy. We’re still slowly replacing everything.

At the same time as the fridge died C developed some very painful gums. Upon a visit to the dentist after several days with no relief we discovered her needed a round of antibiotics to clear away an infection and then 2 teeth extracted. it was supposed to be an easy extraction until a root snapped and they literally had to dig it out. Simple became VERY complicated (the dentists words). C had refused the gas and was only using the needles so he was completely aware of what was happening. He also now needed much more powerful pain meds meaning he would be unable to take care of Little Miss. Unfortunately I had to work so we had a bit of a shuffle finding ulternative options. C ended up going to his Mothers for the night where someone could look in on him and make sure he took his meds and Little Miss ended up at Bestie’s while I was at work. My work at the taxi company is only Thurs-Sat and I work evenings keeping Little Miss out of daycare. This meant I wasn’t done until 2am. Luckily Bestie is only 20 mins away from my work so afterwards I went to her house and Little Miss and I had our first full non family overnighter. Little Miss did fantastically. She was very well behaved and loved spending all that time with Jay playing and perfecting her walking/running.

Since my last post I’ve also started a new job. I’m no longer a former nanny anymore. I’m back to being a nanny. At the moment it’s only part time since Minnie Mouse (Babie’s code name on here) is not yet 4 months old. Eventually it will all go full time as Mama D transititons back to full time work but for now we’re taking it easy. One of the happy benefits of this situation is the Little Miss gets to come along with me, meaning we still don’t need to worry about childcare for her yet. It also give Minnie someone to watch and see who’se similar in age which has been proven to help encourage littles to move forward in their milestone achievements. Little Miss also LOVES other babies and children. So far all of their encounters involve Little Miss petting her and trying to give Minnie toys or share her soother. It’s handy for both Little Miss and Minnie being together. Being in a house with 3 different full flights of stairs is a new developement for us as well. Little Miss is now a champion stair climber. It’s quite scary really since it keeps me on my toes ready to catch her and chase her down but I’m so impressed with how far she’s come.

This week Little Miss turns 1. It’s almost been a full year since that beautiful ball of smiles and energy burst into our lives in a such a dramatic way and I wouldn’t change a second of any of it. Every moment leading up to her birth and since are part of what makes our family so strong and compelete. We had her first party to celebrate this first year yesterday, yes it was party number 1 of 2. This one was for Little Miss to get together with all of her little friends and cause chaos in a safe enviornment. This coming weekend will be her family party where both families get together to celebrate. I forgot how busy a childs birthday party can be. Every single little girl was into anything and everything they could get their hands on. It was crazy and wonderful.

Now that I’m back up and things are less hectic around here I’ll be back to my at least once a week posting. Sorry I’ve been gone so long and a belated Happy New Years!

Got Beef?

Got Beef? And I don’t mean the meat, I mean discord with another. I do. I’m being tormented and harassed, I feel like it’s never going to end sometimes. We all have a neighbourhood enemy; no mine isn’t the guy down the street who lets his dog crap in the yard or the old biddy who has 300 cats. Mine is a squirrel, yes a squirrel. I kid you not.

I know squirrels all sort of look alike but I KNOW it’s one squirrel, it’s the only grey one on our block. It all started the last Friday of 2011, I was very pregnant and on modified bedrest. I was tidying the apartment and in my hormonal surges finding it very warm; I opened the master bedroom window about 1 1/2 inches to let in some air, silly me apparently. We have a few windows that did not have screens when we moved in in early winter and we didn’t think it was a big deal since bugs don’t exactly abound that time of year. I was puttering around in the living room when I heard something not quite right in the bedroom; maybe it was a cat, I’m still not sure. I wondered in to see what was happening and I walked in on a fox hunt style gang up of my cats chasing a squirrel about my bed. I squealed, I admit it. There was this unknown possibly bug ridden dirty squirrel hopping about on MY STUFF! Not to mention the cats were going bonkers.

Can you imagine my half hysterical phone call to ‘C’? Can you imagine the laughter from him and his co-workers in the background? Oh yeah, that happened. I tried opening the window more to get it out, Soda almost flew. I tried bribing it with nuts, it didn’t flinch. I called animal control hoping against hope they would help. I got ‘We couldn’t be there for at least 2 hours and it’s gonna cost you $200.’ Ha! No effing way. I hd to finally corale the cats in the babies room and close the squirrel in with my stuff. I called ‘C’ and he prepped to come home. His manager laughed when he told him the BEST EXCUSE EVER for having to leave early the last work day before a long weekend. Finally in desperation I called our super.

It was a New Year’s miracle! He not only was in the area, he was next door doing some finishing touches on the apartments renovations. He came over, laughing of course, and somehow managed with a broom and gloves to get the furry little bugger out. I went on a sterilizing frenzy. I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything more strenuous then folding laundry and there I was with gloves on and bleach frantically wiping all surfaces down after shoving all the soft stuff into garbage bags to be washed.

Where is this leading? Well, this squirrel seems to have taken offence and now torments me. Anytime I take out the recylcing it knows and hides in the bin only to jump out at me arms akimbo and scare a few years off my life. It’s done this at least 4 or 5 times. I always have to check behind the curtain now when I go to open it because I’ve found it staring in at me at the moment I pull the curtain back. It’s haunting me. Don’t get me wrong normally I have no issue with squirrels or other various city wild life, but outside, NOT in my space and on my stuff. Stupid bully squirrel.