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Heart Attacks and Families

I’ve been gone for most of this year so far and finally feel settled down enough to come back. A lot has gone on. I last wrote just before Little Miss turned one and since then so much has happened.

C ended up with a terrible throat infection that was so bad he went without solids for nearly a week and just as he was on the mend Little Miss got sick as well. I ended up having to take a few days off work to look after the both of them even though on the final day I felt it might not have been necessary. It was. So very necessary.

The second weekend in February C had a minor heart attack. He’s 26. If I had been as work he would have been home alone with a sleeping one year old and unable to do anything about it. I honestly thought he was joking around when he came out of the bedroom saying his heart hurt. I remembered all those commercials about pain or numbness in your left side and asked about that. He told me it didn’t hurt but the lower half of his arm felt like pins and needles and that his chest felt heavy like someone was pushing on it on top of the heart pain. I called Ontario Telehealth not wanting to over-react and while I was on the phone with them C became clammy, went ash grey with dark sunken eyes and his limbs started to jerk and twitch lightly. They put me on with 911 and the ambulance showed up less than 10 minutes later. I had to send C off on his own while I waited for my mom to come to take care of the baby. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I had to make sure Little Miss was taken care of and he needed medical attention more than me at his side. I made sure I knew which hospital they were headed to and then set about packing a bag for the baby.

That was one of the longest and scariest feeling waits of my life and if you’ve read my older posts you know I spent my entire 3rd trimester on modified bed rest waiting for Little Miss reach term without any further complications or dangers. When I walked into C’s bed area it was heart wrenching. He was in and out of consciousness while hooked up to all sorts of machines and monitors attached all over his torso. His heart rate was still up around 160. Whenever he would wake up he would have no real clue of what was going on or where he was. When he finally started to become aware it was slow and took several times explaining before he was able to retain it all.

Since then C has been diagnosed with a heart condition that will eventually result in a need for a pacemaker and has the possibility of being hereditarily passed on to our children, they will have to be checked for it as they get older too. He also now has had to make some very drastic changes to his diet. He is no longer allowed to have caffeine, which means no more coffee or tea as well as no more chocolate. This is a man who was a 2-3 coffee a day kind of man, not an easy transition.

We also found just the day before his attack that we were pregnant. Yes, almost immediately after we had that miscarriage in December. In fact, after we had a dating scan we found out it was only weeks later that this baby was conceived. We were in shock. Funnily enough C has been more excited than I have been up until recently. I was paranoid after the miscarriage and how soon it was as well as worried about his health and then all of my (justified) fears from carrying Little Miss.

We are considered High Risk and are being monitored more closely than a standard pregnancy and as we get further into this pregnancy the monitoring will increase as well. After a woman has had a confirmed Placental Abruption once with every subsequent pregnancy the risk increases of it happening again. The doctors confirmed the miscarriage was due to this and so we’ve had two pregnancy’s where it’s occurred, one that ended in termination and the other in bed rest and early birth.

So far though everything has been very good. Last time I was sick throughout the entire pregnancy, even throwing up in labour. This time I’ve had a few rough days of nausea and a couple of barfing sessions but mostly it’s been smooth sailing. We are 16 weeks now and as we get further into it my worries have lessened, although I know that as I near the time of when everything went bad with Little Miss my anxiety will probably ramp back up into gear but for now I am enjoying everything. I even felt the baby move for the first time today at one of our check ups, apparently they don’t like having us listen to their heart beat and started bopping around to escape.

I also had a grandparent die in the midst of all of this. She had gone into the hospital in Kingston for heart surgery to remove some infected tissue and was unable to be resuscitated. It was a big jumble for awhile and we’re still dealing with the paper work her belongings. It’s going to be a bit longer until everything is settled and we can even sell her condo or decide what to do with it. The memorial and funeral were lovely, one of my step brothers created a memory DVD of photos and quotes in her honour that the funeral director offered him a part time job making them for other families. Most of the family there were in tears or had wet eyes at the end of it. It was beautiful.

There have also been many other smaller things that have kept me busy and away from the computer. I know that Little Miss is one 15 months old now but she’s hitting milestones left and right it seems. She got her first 3 molars in March all within a 2.5 week span and the 4th is just waiting to pop out. Not only can she walk now but she’s also running and trying to jump up and down. She’s also gotten very good with babies since we spend 2 days a week with Minnie who just turned 6 months and it’s about to go up to 3 days, good practice for when the new baby comes in the autumn.

I have no idea what is going to happen over the next little bit I hope to be back and more active now as things have started to finally settle down a bit here. We’re getting ready to become a 4 person family instead of 3 and get Little Miss as ready for the changes that will come with this as easily as we can for someone so young to understand. We will in the next few weeks find out if Little Miss will have a brother or a sister and although we’ll be happy either way it will be nice to know ahead of time to start buying baby necessities or saving ones we already have.

Wilderness Walk

I already wrote about the wedding reception this past Saturday, now onto Sunday. I went on a hike with 3x Mama. Daddy-Bear and Chan-Man had to drive into Ottawa to see Cam-Bob and we had decided to stay  behind. Daddy-Bear and 3x Mama had mentioned that just outside of Perth a farmer had built hiking trails through out a huge portion of his wooded property and let people wonder about so long as they respected the land and didn’t destroy the metal artwork he creates himself and puts out. He also adds a new trail every couple of years and does all the maintaining himself.

That’s where we went hiking. It took us nearly three hours to go through most of the trails and we still didn’t get them all. We didn’t rush through them nor did we walk slowly. All of the trails are through hilly wooded areas or small fields, a pretty decent workout no matter the pace you choose to set. There we even 2 pulley bridges we got to use as well as a mini suspension bridge. It was fantastic. The trails are very well maintained and the farmer has even built some lovely outhouses that are honestly tidier then ones I’ve seen and used at camping grounds. There’s even a playground for children with a picnic area he built. I can’t wait to go back later on this fall when the leaves have started to change and again in the spring when the Trilliums are in full bloom. It was lovely on Sunday but we visited right in the middle of the two major colour booms in the Ottawa region so there were no massive bursts of red and golds or floorbeds of flowers everywhere, I’ve been told it’s a true sight during these times. I also cannot wait for when Little Miss is a bit older and I can take her along and play in the playground.

I didn’t meet the farmer but 3x Mama told me she’s met him a few times and he truly is a nice man who wants people to go out and enjoy nature and his artwoork; which is interesting enough I’m surprised he hasn’t started to sell it yet. His work is just the sort of stuff cottagers would enjoy as well as others. It actually has a Disney’s Alice In Wonderland as well as a slightly dark sense of humour feel to it you’ll see coming up.

Playing Catch Up

A very busy last week or so. Little Miss made a few huge leaps developementally and her newest cousin (through some familial jumping) was born. I also started the next phase in my fitness plan. Little Miss and I did a mini disappearing act around the house this past weekend and did a lot of visiting and wondering in downtown Toronto.

Little Miss has been crawling for just over a month now and a few weeks ago got her first tooth. It was her upper left side tooth and a few days later the corresponding right side tooth barely broke through the gums only to go back up into hiding. Now it’s just under the surface clearly visable but not yet ready to come out. I imagine that she’ll look like a mini vampire when it stops being so shy. This past weekend she also turned 7 months. The leaps Little Miss accomplished were all in the last week and pretty impressive when I know that just a day or two before she mastered them she needed quite a bit of support. Little Miss can now sit up on her own, she can go from lying on her back to crawling to sitting or in the reverse all without assistance.  She’s even started leaning back on her knees trying to get up along the couches. I’m very very very proud and happy and impressed but also surprised about how quickly it seems that she’s coming along at times. She also is now no longer the youngest baby in the family as her little cousin (once removed) was born last week.

So in a previous post I wrote about finally starting to actively get back in shape and to be honest I didn’t do it every day like I had hoped. Chasing a crawler just didn’t always make it workable. I still have been doing it though and this week I added a new element, the gym. My gym costs a bit more per month then others around us but with all the classes and extras it’s worth it. Until Little Miss turns 6 as long as I have a membership she gets free access to their facilities and priority in classes, like her swimming lessons. To me that’s great, they also offer a baby sitting service during the day. It’s not a drop off centre by any means, you have to stay in the building and book ahead to make sure they have available space. They only take 3 children at the most and non older then 3 in the room Little Miss goes to. I have been scoping the place out for a bit and even after I started taking her to them before her swimming lessons I would stay in the room or be just down the hall. I never book for onger then an hour and usually if I have left it’s been to go to the coffee shop and get a coffee before coming right back. I have been talking with ‘Lala’ since early July and have a pretty good idea of who she is when it comes to children, I’ve seen how the toddlers run to her in excitement when they get to the room and it definitely helps with any anxious feelings I’ve had. This week I left Little Miss in the baby sitting room while I went to the gym. I’m not jumping into anything extreme but I have to start somewhere and so far feel like this is a good start, it helps that I can go during the day without having to wait for ‘C’ to get home.

Last Thursday ‘C’s brother came over for the night so they could have man time and he could see Little Miss, when ‘C’ woke up he did not feel good. He was sick and ended up coming home early Friday. Little Miss and I had gone over to Bestie’sto visit and another girl friend came over with her 4 month old as well. We all ended up spending the day in the shade playing with or watching the babies play together or stare eachother down. ‘C’ doesn’t get sick often but when he does it’s pretty bad. Saturday was worse then Friday, he was feverish and had body aches all over. I took Little Miss backk out for the day to Bestie’s where we had a birthday party to go to and kept her over there until close to bed time. I feel bad when ‘C’ is sick but since the RSV and all the complications and Little Miss’s heightened susceptibility to even a common cold needing medical intervention I wasn’t going to stay home and risk exposing her to his germs. I was mean and made him fend for himself. Even on Sunday when he was a little better then Saturday, but being mostly dead is an improvement from dead so I still kept her away.

Tuesday evening Sassy (previously ‘S’) and I went to a concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. We saw Kelly Clarkson and The Fray. I love pop music, it’s happy and bouncy for the most part and something I feel guilt free listening to in front of Little Miss. Sassy has had a rough year, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know she lost her son at 23 weeks after he was born early and survived for only 12 minutes. Then on top of that her relationship with the father fell apart and he’s since then started harassing her. She needed a night out and Kelly Clarkson is really pretty great for those ‘You’re better off without him’ type songs. The show start at 7 on the dot and didn’t end until 11. It was a late night but very fun. We got to sing along to most of the songs and all the artists were very interactive witht he crowd; coming into the audience to sing and shake hands.  The fact that we got I.D’d 4 times was also pretty awesome, always is flattering I think.

Little Miss has been teething lately, I think on her lower jaw this time. She’s showing all the usual signs as well as whenever she’s able she’s been dropping her chin onto any surface she can and sort of grinding her gums together. Then this morning she woke up sick. ‘C’s germs proved strong enough to still get to her. She’s coughing with a bit of a phlegmy wheeze to it and had a little faucet nose. She’s not impressed. Last night she couldn’t get comfortabel unless she was lying on one of us. It made for a long night trying to cat nap with a wiggly sick baby on my chest, I’m just glad we have the baby rail up so when I managed to lay her down I didn’t roll off the bed.

We’ve been Busy

We’ve been busy in the last week or so and thus I have not written. Lots happened in our household. We finished swimming lessons. We tried about 5 more Summerlicious restaruant. I went to a baby shower and we had our 6 month check up and shots for Little Miss as well as ‘C’s 26th birthday. We also were on CBC news last Thursday. A very busy week+ indeed.

So last week was our last 2 swimming lessons in that session. The Little Miss and I managed to go to every one but the very first. Little Miss has done very well. She’s never cried, although she has spit up a few times. Kinda gross but I managed to catch most of it usually. We also met several other babies and have set up a few play dates/coffee dates. Was a great experience and Little Miss is now a Starfish level.

Over the course of the last week or so Little Miss and I went out to various downtown restaurants for their Summerlicious menu’s with just my Mama or Chan-Man came and my Aunt Chaz. We tried Pangea in Yorkville, which was lovely. We went to Quinn’s Steakhouse at the Sheraton, dessert and appitizer were the best parts. We tried this place called Wish just south of Bloor off Yonge, they were fantastic. We went to the Hot House Cafe and had a great time. I can’t even remember now which ones were a Summerlicious menu and which places we went were just regular menu. I know we also went to the Bier Markt on Saturday for brunch and Little Miss and I went to Hey Lucy’s on King St with my good friend one day as well as dinner with my in-laws on Thursday evening. Lots of eating out and food, all of it tasty. Little Miss was also very well behaved and enjoyed the sights and smells, she spent all of her time by the tables trying to reach for glasses and bread.

Last Wednesday ‘C’ turned 26. We didn’t plan anything big but I did go to this gourmet bakery in Liberty Village and got him a dozen specialty cupcakes, each a different flavour from For The Love of Cake. Maple-bacon is not as good as you’d think, pretty gross actually. I also got him the first 2 season of 3rd Rock From The Sun and season1 of Sons of Anarchy. There of course was a late ngiht present as well but since I try to keep this blog mostly PG I won’t go into any details, just use your imaginations.

Last Friday we went to the doctors office and Little Miss was weighed, measured and injected. I am so happy and relieved! She finally cracked the double birth weight! She weighed in at 14 lbs and 5oz. She was also a beautiful 25.5 inches long. The doctors are very impressed with her developement so far. EVen at the office she was trying to crawl about and shuffle off the table. When it came time for her needles this was the first time she didn’t cry. Not only did she not cry she didn’t even tear up, she gave the doctor the stink eye, LoL. I was so proud of her. Normally after the babies 6 month check up it isn’t necessary to return unless baby is sick until their 1 year, but because of all the health issues we had we’ll be going back around 9 months unless something comes up. I don’t see that happening but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday was the day of the baby shower, but first let me say I FINALLY went out for the first real time post baby Saturday night. Yes, I got fairly drunk and yes I greatly enjoyed it. I had previously written in another post about a friend whose son was born at 23 weeks and didn’t survive, this weekend was her due date. She needed to go out and keep busy and distracted. Saturday we went to a bar with another friend, Megs. We ended up going to a bar on Bloor called The Brunswick House, which is in our neighbourhood so I walked there. We danced and had a few drinks and I left a bit early since I knew I had to get up for a feeding around 4 and then get up and out of the house for 10:30. ‘C’ handled Little Miss while I was out. Now before someone freaks out and decides how awful I am for getting tipsy while giving my baby breast milk step back and take a deep breath, I pumped and dumped. I knew I was going out and made sure I had 2 extra bottled ready for me to be able to do so without her missing any bottles. She was fine and so was I. I was up and ready to greet the day by 7, not becasue the baby was up but because I’m a freak of nature and have always been an early riser, I was also non the worse for wear from going out the night before. I got up and ready making sure all the last preperations for the shower gift and a bag of clothing Little Miss had outgrown. The Baby shower was for ‘C’s aunt. She’s the youngest of his Aunts and only 10 yrs older then us. This is her first baby, a little girl. The shower was kids free so ‘C’ again watched the baby while I headed out to overload on estrogen. I had a great time, there were no game since people didn’t feel like playing, it was mostly food, presents and chatting. All very fun things for me, even watching someone else open gifts makes me happy I like seeing their surprise and happiness. Most of ‘C’s female relatives showed up even from several hours away and most of the father’s females relatives as well. It was lovely to see people I so rarely get to visit with and catch up. Of course family gossip is a huge part of any get together and I definitely got an ear full, but it was nearly all harmless and in good fun, the stuff that wasn’t was all still true and no one was hiding it. The food was excellent; expect for an overabundance of pickles, and the decorations were beautiful. After the party was over several women stayed behind to help tidying up and load the future Mama’s haul into the couples car.

I know I’m not writing this in perfect sequence but ph well. Thursday as we were heading intot he change rooms for our last swimming class we were stopped by on of the gym’s managers and asked if I minded being filmed for a segment on CBC about swimming at a young age and all the drownings Ontario has had this year. I didn’t mind, especially since if I didn’t want to be filmed we would miss the lesson. The class was the same as usual except a camera man occasionally was recording a few different techniques we were practicing. At the end a reporter asked if I minded answering a few questions. So it ended up that for the second time since the previous Friday Little Miss and I were on a local evening news broadcast. I’m glad that they were both positive ones. I didn’t see the first one but the CBC one I recorded and even managed to send a clip to a few family members. Little Miss was super cute, only a little disappointing that the ticket at the botton of the screen covered part of her face up, but her huge blue eyes were clearly visable (Sorry, her eyes amaze me, they’re huge and about 4 different shades of blue from icy/silver to dark navy).

Lots of other smaller things happened as well as a few bigger ones. One of those would be Sunday night after I came home from the shower and we put Little Miss to bed I decided to check in on her only to be shocked. I found her on her knees at the edge of her bed trying to pull up on the railing. SO glad I looked in. We sadly had to waken her fully by hauling her out and lowering her bed so she can’t do that anymore, I don’t want her falling out of bed yet. We also put up a guard rail on our bed at the same time since she comes into bed with us about 30 minutes before ‘C’ gets up. She also has started on baby food. She loves banana and sweet potatoe, she full on gags on beef. She tried sweet potatoe and turkey today and that went well. I’m sure there’s lots more I could go on about but Little Miss is waking up and spending time with her is way better then typing, I’m sure all the parents out there agree.

Have a lovely day/week/month/year whichever you prefer based on your frequency of reading my posts!