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No Longer A Baby


Little Miss is no longer a baby. She’s offically a toddler now. Its both thrilling and heartbreaking to me. So much has changed since C and I brought her home as a tiny new born who was 100% dependant on us to keep her safe, happy and whole.

The journey Little Miss and I took to get her out safely was a long and often scary road. I had contractions at 20 weeks and then a placental abruption at 26, causing a week long stay at Sunnybrook Hospital in the high risk unit until we were stablized.  Once i was released i was on modified bedrest until my water broke at 36 weeks. Even my labour was unusual.

My water broke and there were no contractions for another 4 hrs, then they went from 20 minutes to 2 minutes apart in an hr. I had always told myself when I went into labour I wanted everything to quickly and would use mind over matter to ensure it happened. Didn’t work. Little Miss went into fetal distress and we ended up having an emergency C-section. It was not an easy time for our family. Even the first few weeks post birth were rough with serious medical issues.

When I look back on it all would I change anything? No, because every single one of those moments good or bad have helped shape who Little Miss is as a person and our relationship with her. I wish things had been more easy but not at the risk our family wouldn’t be where it is today.

Every new accomplishment is exciting and something we look forward to witnessing. Even the simple little things like figuring out to push a button a particular way if fascinating to me. Terrifying as well at time but fascinating too. A perfect example of this mixture or awe and fear would be the stairs. Little Miss is a stair climbing pro now and has decided this means she wants to learn how to descend them as well, not on her bum but standing like we do.

I can only imagine what the next year or 5 years or even 10 years wilk bring (probably a lot of grey hairs) but I can wait to see where it all takes us. This is the most important journey we’re taking in our lives; raising a child, and I’m so honoured and proud to have Little Miss as my daughter.

Pizza And Playtime

Lots of little things went on this past week, luckily no more medical visits due to Little Miss and her utter lacko of fear of the world around her.

Everyone on the east coast obviously was aware of Hurricane Sandy and since last Monday the devastation left in her wake, even here in Toronto there were some problems but nothing like what New York and New Jersey are going through. We had a little bit of an issue in our building from storm damage but it was fixed by Halloween. A huge old tree crashed across three yards and the top landed across our drive way blocking access for river’s but also totally blocking in our fire escape door. The oddest part if the tree was easily 100+ ears old and huge but did not come from any of the yards around our building; there’s no stump that we could see. Other then that tree and a lot of larger broken branches abpit our area had very little damage, we didn’t even lose power. We’d stocked up on a few important supplies just in case but knew realistically if anything had happened we had friends and family throughout the GTA we could call on or could call on us.

By Wednesday in Toronto is was business as usual and Thursday Little Miss and I met up my friend Jess and her 6 month old K to have lunch at Imperial Buffet at the Eglinton Town Centre and see Fun Size. I had never been to Imperial and it was Little Miss’ first time trying Chinese food. We both enjoyed ourselves greatly before crossing the parking lot and watching a movie. Jess and I haven’t seen a movie together since we watched Magic Mike over the summer but have been trying to work something out for weeks now. Every time we’ve hammered out a date some sort of emergency or other has derailed our plans so it was nice to finally keep a date. Little Miss and K were great during the movie; sitting contour laps playing with each other’s feet and napping while we enjoyed the movie. It was silly and fun but also had enough sentiment to keep it from being pure fluff. This week we’re trying to do it all again but see Wreck It Ralph, hopefully all will go as planned.

C loves pizza, loves it. He could happily eat it several times a week and not get tired of it. Saturday we had a vets appointment for Bright-Eyes to check her glucose levels, which are doing so well we now only have to give her one insulin shot a day now(sorry to sidetrack) and afterwards we decided to go to Loblaws and grab a few things. C wanted pizza for dinner but we didn’t feel like ordering and he dislikes frozen. Loblaws makes fresh pizzas that you just put in the oven but haven’t been frozen. We found a 16′ cheese one for 50% off and decided to put our own topping on. By the way 50% off meant if was only $4. We are a mostly white meat family and knew our meat topping would be chicken so we wondered over to the butcher area and again found some chicken for a great discount (30%) and then found chicken wings, which he also loves, for more than 70% off. We choose to use sweet onion, fresh garlic and tomatoes for our additional toppings. It was great. We spent only $13 on pizza, toppings and wings and got so much more than if we jaded ordered from a restaurant, we even got more toppings per slice.

Sunday as sports lovers know is football day. I don’t dislike football, I quite like it when I’m watching it live and not on a television. I don’t have the attention span for replays and commercials. There were a few games C really wanted to watch so we decided he could hang out at home for the afternoon and watch the games while Little Miss and I went to visit Bestie and Jay. Even though the girls are about 10 months apart they get along really well now that Little Miss is mobile and chatty. They spent the afternoon chasing each other around the living room and tag team chasing Gus the cat. Jay has been in day care during the week for the last two months and her handling of those smaller than her has gotten better. Jay’s more gentle without having to be told as often with Little Miss and unless she’s decided she wants to try and ride the baby like a horse (which we 86 immediately) she’s fine to be a play mate to Little Miss. Bertie and I are thrilled since we grew up a grade apart and a half a year dividing us and yet we’re 25 yrs into this friendship so we hope the girls will be able to do the same as time goes on.

The girls are closing in on poor Gus on the child couch. You can see him in the corner of it (the grey fluff).

Halloween Costume Birthday Party

Yesterday was a girlfriends daughters 4th birthday. Since it’s so close to Halloween and the majority of the children going were around 4 and up the theme was costumes, any costume you wanted you could wear. I was unsure originally if we would be able to go because this past week Little Miss managed to give herself a minor concussion and things had been fairly rough for her with the headaches and fussies. Happily Little Miss was up and about and feeling good yesterday so we were able to dress her up and go to the party.

Little Miss wasn’t the only baby/toddler at the party. Jay was there dressed in a Tinker Bell costume and another friend (Ti) had her daughter dressed as Sleeping Beauty, it even lit up along the skirt,and her son as Scooby Doo. Little Miss was dressed as Cinderella and Besties son Jor was an army ranger. Cas, the birthday girl, was a pink cowgirl and there was a little witch and even the odd parent dressed up. Ti’s fiance even dressed up as a baby for a bit of it.

Keeping a room full of babies, toddlers and little kids entertained is not easy. Games are too mature for the littlest in the bunch and due to all the other kids bopping around toys don’t help in keeping the littlest distracted for long. The older kids did get to play hot potatoe and musical chairs as well as getting to paint giant pictures. It was fun to watch Little Miss’s fascination with the other children. She loves babies and other kids so for her yesterday was a blast.

Ti’s mother makes cakes and for thwarted birthday made an absolutely delicious strawberry shortcake one for the party. It looked as if it was for a bakery. Little Miss even had a few bites of cake only after I had scooped of the whipped icing. The kids got pizza to eat beforehand as well as chocolates and chips to snack on.

Unfortunately Little Miss and I had to leave a bit early to catch our bus home so we didn’t get to see all over the presents opened but Cas definitely got a good haul of a variety of toys, not just Barbies and Bratz. In fact, one of her gifts was a fish tank with hermit crabs which absolutley thrilled her.

I always feel a twinge of sadness for kids whose birthdays happen to fall on or almost on big holidays and celebration days. It seems that so often the birthday ends up eclipsed by all the rest going on.
Vi did a great job of making sure the party was fun and incorporated Halloween into it well so that people didn’t feel as if it was an extra effort. It also was nice for the kids to have a reason to wear their costumes before the big day.